messy bookshelves

On October 22, 2009, I launched this blog.  It was a desperate attempt to make sense of my stacks of books…and to formulate a plan for working my way through them.  At that time, I had 166 unread books stacked in my bedroom!

The photo above is not a portrait of my messy shelves….but I feared I would reach this point if I didn’t do something.  Or I would end up on that Hoarders’ Show…LOL.

Now, four years later, I cannot tell you that the TBR Stacks are a thing of the past….but I can assure you that the stacks are more under control.  I can also show you that I now have itemized “collections” on my pages here, from 2010 through 2013.  And I plan to continue.

My collections are organized further, showing Book Purchases for each year; Books Read each year; and Review Books.  After I read a book, I link the titles to my reviews.

I am a bit compulsive, which is one reason I collect so many books…but it is also the reason I need to organize and document my journey.

In the process of reviewing what I have accomplished so far, here’s what my Books Read numbers look like from the previous years:

Books Read in 2010:  143

Books Read in 2011:   177

Books Read in 2012:   191

Books Read in 2013:   I reached my goal of 200 books read; I have gone beyond that number, with 202 so far.

In looking back at when I purchased individual books, I have a few from the early years, still unread.

2010:  All read!

2011:   3 unread; 1 DNF

2012:   5 unread; 2 DNF

2013:   26 still unread; 1 DNF

As you can see, I need to join another Mt. TBR Challenge, to clear out the unread books.  I think it looks manageable though, don’t you?

How do you organize your bookshelves?  Do you have a plan for reading the unread books?



  1. Actually yes I do organize my bookshelves. I have a book shelf that houses most of the books I haven’t read yet. A bookshelf that houses the books I have read. Each year in October our local library has a book sale, so most of the read books are donated to the library and the book sale. The librarian keeps the books she wants for the library and the rest go in the book sale. Living in a small apt. I decided two years ago to buy a Nook to help keep things a bit more in order, a month later I bought the Kindle, realizing that Amazon has rights to some books that I couldn’t download onto the Nook. But I love visiting B&N so there are always paperbacks books arriving on my bookshelves waiting to be read. What is wrong with us, when we have more books than we can read in a lifetime and we still keep buying books? Maybe we are hoarders! ; ) What do you thing?


    1. You could be right about the hoarding aspect. I know that I keep adding books to my shelves because I felt so deprived of them growing up. Yes, I had the library, but we couldn’t get everything there. And there is nothing better than having our own shelves filled with books.

      But too much is not good…and I like the idea of donating, as you do. I gave away several shelves of books to the library this past year…and I also have a Kindle, which helps with the “shelving” issue.

      Thanks for stopping by, Gigi Ann…I enjoyed your comment.


    1. Sounds like that plan works for you, Harvee. And now that I’ve actually diminished my overflowing TBRs considerably, I can do the same. I like planning out my books for each week and seeing the numbers go down. Thanks for visiting…enjoy your reading.


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