Review Policies



Because I love to read, I am willing to consider reviewing books upon request.


1.  I prefer women’s fiction, mysteries, literary fiction, and romance.

2.  I will review books according to my time constraints, with consideration given first to Amazon Vine reviews.

3.  My reviews will be honest, and if I have to give an unfavorable review, I will explain why, focusing on the strengths as well as any weaknesses I find.

4.  If an author is agreeable, any reviews will also be posted on and Goodreads.  I reserve the right to also post reviews on my blogs.

5.  If I choose not to read and review a particular book, I will contact the author to explain my reasons.

17 thoughts on “Review Policies

  1. Hi Laurel-Rain, I’m a member of Book Blogs and just released a romantic suspense novel, The Skull Ring. It’s an ebook for Kindle and Smashwords. I’d be happy to send you a PDF file or other ereader file if you have one. We may have paper copies in a few weeks, too. Thank you.

    Scott Nicholson


  2. Hi,
    I wonder if you would consider reading my upcoming novel (released April 1 by Syracuse University Press), “Dance Lessons,” a contemporary story set in greater Boston and my native Ireland?

    The story opens when Ellen, a young American widow, discovers that her Irish-born husband was not an orphan. Haunted by his premature death and their unfinished Boston marriage, Ellen travels to Ireland, where she encounters her husband’s mother, Jo. Most of the book is set on Jo’s hilltop farm.

    Erin Hart (False Mermaid, Lake of Sorrows) has praised the book as
    “… a clear-eyed and compassionate glimpse into the souls of three women … a subtle, intriguing story about regret and redemption…”

    My publisher has made the book available at NetGalley. I would be delighted if you might consider it. It’s my second novel.

    Read more about the book here:

    Thanks for your wonderful book site. I’m also happy to be blog-interviewed or other participation.


  3. Hello Laurel –
    I would love for you to review my new book, Double Mayhem.

    Action, mystery, intriguing subplots, humor, heartwarming moments and a cast of highly memorable characters combine to introduce this unlikely and believable female heroine to a genre dominated by male-centric stereotypes. She is not a super spy, she is not a trained assassin, she is someone real and much more dangerous, a smart woman pushed into a corner.

    Doris, a reclusive engineer, goes on a blind date, kills a syndicate hit man, acquires a psychic child, and gets recruited as a spy. Some days you just shouldn’t leave the house.

    It’s available in paperback and eBook format from several outlets, including Amazon, where a sample is available. It’s listed on Goodreads.

    My website is for more information.



  4. Hi Laurel

    I have a March, 2014 release, Pearls and Poison, a cozy mystery and third book in Consignment Shop Mysteries with Berkley Prime Crime. I would love to review the book.

    Some elections are pure murder.
    A dead-as-a-doornail opponent is one way to win an election…unless you wind up in jail for the murder.
    Gloria Summerside is trailing in the poles but front-runner as a murder suspect when her mud-slinging opponent is poisoned. Is someone out to frame Judge Guillotine Gloria? Will she be the one behind bars this time? Can her daughter find the real killer or will they have adjoining cells?

    If this works for you let me know.

    Duffy Brown


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