messy bookshelves

On October 22, 2009, I launched this blog.  It was a desperate attempt to make sense of my stacks of books…and to formulate a plan for working my way through them.  At that time, I had 166 unread books stacked in my bedroom!

The photo above is not a portrait of my messy shelves….but I feared I would reach this point if I didn’t do something.  Or I would end up on that Hoarders’ Show…LOL.

Now, four years later, I cannot tell you that the TBR Stacks are a thing of the past….but I can assure you that the stacks are more under control.  I can also show you that I now have itemized “collections” on my pages here, from 2010 through 2013.  And I plan to continue.

My collections are organized further, showing Book Purchases for each year; Books Read each year; and Review Books.  After I read a book, I link the titles to my reviews.

I am a bit compulsive, which is one reason I collect so many books…but it is also the reason I need to organize and document my journey.

In the process of reviewing what I have accomplished so far, here’s what my Books Read numbers look like from the previous years:

Books Read in 2010:  143

Books Read in 2011:   177

Books Read in 2012:   191

Books Read in 2013:   I reached my goal of 200 books read; I have gone beyond that number, with 202 so far.

In looking back at when I purchased individual books, I have a few from the early years, still unread.

2010:  All read!

2011:   3 unread; 1 DNF

2012:   5 unread; 2 DNF

2013:   26 still unread; 1 DNF

As you can see, I need to join another Mt. TBR Challenge, to clear out the unread books.  I think it looks manageable though, don’t you?

How do you organize your bookshelves?  Do you have a plan for reading the unread books?