As a New Year begins, one of my tasks is to create the pages on this blog where I can enter titles, links, etc., as the year progresses.  Every year, I have pages for Books Purchased, Books Read, and Review Books Received and Read.

The task was more challenging this year due to my relatively new use of the Block Editor.  But I somehow got through it!  I was exhausted afterwards, though.

Here are the pages I created:

Bookshelves – 2021



Books Purchased in 2021



Books Read in 2021


Review Books in 2021



What bookish tasks do you complete at the beginning of a New Year?




Even as I clear my bookshelves, and while I’m feeling virtuous about that, my eyes are glomming onto books I see on blogs…books I want.

My goal this year was to request most of my new additions from NetGalley or Vine…and I’ve done that.  But there is still that lingering need to download an e-book I see somewhere…or even pick up a physical book.

Below are the books I purchased in October.  Yes, most are e-books, yay me!  But there are three physical books.  How can I justify these additions to my shelves, especially when they are finally looking…well, almost normal.  (See one of my bedroom shelves above, after the purge).

I have no justification.

I just wanted them.  So it goes on…books out, books in.  Perhaps I can send more books out than I bring in?  What would you do, in the face of all the bookish temptation out there?

Ah, yes, you say…there is always the library.  And I should do that.  But then I say I can’t wait…delayed gratification is not my thing.

Child of the Sixties, bite your tongue!

But behold the lovely books I acquired…and tell me you would not be tempted.  LOL



1.    Admissions, The (e-book), by Meg Mitchell Moore

2.    Cherry, by Mary Karr

3.    Deep End, The (e-book), by Julie Mulhern

4.    Girl with No Past, The (e-book), by Kathryn Croft

5.   Jane Fonda, The Private Life of a Public Woman, by Patricia Bosworth

6.    Liar’s Club, The: A Memoir, by Mary Karr

7.     Lucky Us (e-book), by Amy Bloom

8.    Shadow Year, The (e-book), by Hannah Richell

9.     Truth Be Told (e-book), by Hank Phillippi Ryan


We have known for a while that I suffer from this disorder:


compulsive book buying



Review: The From-Aways, by C. J. Hauser



Leah meets Henry in New York, but falls for him because of his oddities, as well as the stories he tells about his childhood in Maine. They marry too quickly, before they really know each other. Will they realize that they have nothing in common?

Quinn has been the caretaker during her mother’s illness, so when she dies, there is a void. Her mother’s last request is that she go to Menamon, Maine, to try to find the folk-singer father who abandoned them. Scrappy and smart-mouthed, Quinn gets a job at the local paper, an apartment above the town diner, and tries to shore up the courage to meet her father. But falling in love with her roommate, Rosie, was never part of the plan.

In alternating chapters, we follow Leah’s and Quinn’s first-person narratives, and learn each woman’s thoughts and feelings. Of the two, I liked Leah the best, as Quinn seemed too impulsive and careless, rushing blindly into all kinds of situations. Her girlfriend Rosie, was similar and before either of them could realize the extent of their poor choices, it would be too late.

A news story that is likely to divide the town further brings the two young women together on a hot-button issue. How can these two outsiders fit in? Will their pursuit of the perfect topic alter their position in the town? Will Leah’s marriage fall apart?

The From-Aways: A Novel is an engaging tale about small-town life…specifically, small-town life in a fisherman’s paradise. It is about people not wanting their town to change; people who love everything the way it has always been. When outsiders force changes on them, there will be hell to pay. 4.0 stars.



messy bookshelves

On October 22, 2009, I launched this blog.  It was a desperate attempt to make sense of my stacks of books…and to formulate a plan for working my way through them.  At that time, I had 166 unread books stacked in my bedroom!

The photo above is not a portrait of my messy shelves….but I feared I would reach this point if I didn’t do something.  Or I would end up on that Hoarders’ Show…LOL.

Now, four years later, I cannot tell you that the TBR Stacks are a thing of the past….but I can assure you that the stacks are more under control.  I can also show you that I now have itemized “collections” on my pages here, from 2010 through 2013.  And I plan to continue.

My collections are organized further, showing Book Purchases for each year; Books Read each year; and Review Books.  After I read a book, I link the titles to my reviews.

I am a bit compulsive, which is one reason I collect so many books…but it is also the reason I need to organize and document my journey.

In the process of reviewing what I have accomplished so far, here’s what my Books Read numbers look like from the previous years:

Books Read in 2010:  143

Books Read in 2011:   177

Books Read in 2012:   191

Books Read in 2013:   I reached my goal of 200 books read; I have gone beyond that number, with 202 so far.

In looking back at when I purchased individual books, I have a few from the early years, still unread.

2010:  All read!

2011:   3 unread; 1 DNF

2012:   5 unread; 2 DNF

2013:   26 still unread; 1 DNF

As you can see, I need to join another Mt. TBR Challenge, to clear out the unread books.  I think it looks manageable though, don’t you?

How do you organize your bookshelves?  Do you have a plan for reading the unread books?