Another month bites the dust!  August was a good one for me with favorites in all genres.  Here are my Top Favorites:











Contemporary Fiction:


Literary Fiction:



Now check out my book titles, and click for my reviews.

AUGUST 2019:

1.29 Seconds (e-book), by T. M. Logan – (356 pages) – (suspense thriller) – 8/29/19 – (NG- 9/10/19)

2.Best Beach Ever (e-book, Ten Beach Road), by Wendy Wax – (400 pages) – (contemporary fiction) -8/24/19

3.Careful What You Wish For (e-book), by Hallie Ephron – (304 pages) – (Domestic thriller) – 8/9/19

4.Comforts of Home, The (e-book), by Susan Hill – (336 pages) – (Police Procedural) – 8/12/19

5.Dear Wife (e-book), by Kimberly Belle – (336 pages) – (Domestic thriller) – 8/6/19

6.My Ex-Life (e-book), by Stephen McCauley – (323 pages) – (literary fiction) – 8/14/19

7.Long Call, The (e-book), by Ann Cleeves – (324 pages) – (mystery/suspense) – 8/26/19 (NG-9/3/19)

8.Object of My Affection (e-book), by Stephen McCauley – (325 pages) – (literary fiction) – 8/18/19

9.Our Little Lies (e-book), by Sue Watson – (317 pages) – (Domestic thriller) – 8/1/19

10.Perfect Son, The (e-book), by Lauren North – (367 pages) – (suspense thriller) – 8/28/19

11.Someone We Know (e-book), by Shari Lapena – (292 pages) – (suspense thriller) – 8/6/19

12.Telephone Line (e-book), by Julie Mulhern – (220 pages) – (Murder Mystery) – 8/16/19






What did your month look like?  Enjoy September.



I did it again!  Changed up the blog header.

Maybe I will stay with this one for a while, but when the “restless feeling” attacks, I’ll be checking my blogs and seeing what needs a shake-up.

Meanwhile, it is almost time for a Monthly Wrap-Up, and in preparation, I was looking at my list of Books Read.  The numbers didn’t match what I felt I had read…so I double checked.  And guess what?  Three of the books I had read this past week hadn’t made it to the list!

Usually I am obsessive about entering those books, with links on the titles.  So what happened?

Well, I’m going to blame it on my daughter and those martinis she and her friend made last Sunday at the barbecue.  After that event, I became more forgetful, apparently.

So…I have fixed the oversight.  So far, I’ve read and reviewed fifteen books this month, and a number of them were NetGalley ARCs, leaving FIVE remaining.  My release dates on those are:

8/22, 9/12, 9/26, 10/3, and 10/10.  Whew!  I think I’ve got this!

As for my Purchased Books:

January:  19 Purchased, 3 Still Unread

February:  13 Purchased, 7 Unread

March:  11 Purchased, 4 Unread

April:  13 Purchased, 5 Unread

May:  13 Purchased, 6 Unread

June:  12 Purchased, 7 Unread

July:  7 Purchased, 7 Unread


The Total Purchased Books I’ve Read So Far:  64, which also includes some from July-December, 2016.


With only five reading months in the year, let’s hope I manage to read more books and never forget to add any to my lists!

What do your numbers tell you about your reading?  Do you find it helpful to keep tabs on your reading?



Another month has passed, and what a great journey!  Let’s check in at Book Date to see how everyone else fared.

Take a peek at my favorites…and click the titles of each book for my review.


JUNE 2017:

1.Any Day Now (e-book, Book Two), by Robyn Carr – 336 pages – (contemporary fiction) – 6/29/17

2.Beach House for Rent (e-book), by Mary Alice Monroe (416 pages) – 6/3/17 – (NetGalley – 6/20)

3.Beach Inn, The, by Joanne DeMaio – 294 pages – (contemporary fiction) – 6/17/17 – (Author Review Request)

4.Every Last Lie (e-book), by Mary Kubica – 336 pages – (thriller) – 6/11/17 – (NetGalley – 6/27)

5.Fairy Tale Interrupted, by RoseMarie Terenzio – 256 pages – (memoir) – 6/20/17

6.Good Me, Bad Me, by Ali Land – 338 pages – (psychological thriller) – 6/23/17

7.It’s Always the Husband (e-book), by Michele Campbell – 326 pages – (mystery) – 6/1/17

8.One Good Thing (e-book), by Wendy Wax – 349 pages – (contemporary fiction) – 6/9/17

9.Red Hunter, The (e-book), by Lisa Unger – 368 pages – (suspense thriller) – 6/15/17

10.Sunshine Sisters, The (e-book), by Jane Green – 371 pages – (contemporary fiction) – 6/25/17

11.Swallow’s Nest, The, by Emilie Ricards – 504 pages – (contemporary fiction) – 6/7/17 – (Author Review Request)

12.  Talking as Fast as I Can, by Lauren Graham – 205 pages – (memoir) – 6/27/17

13.Watching the Detectives (e-book, Book 5), by Julie Mulhern – 210 pages – (cozy mystery) – 6/26/17

14.What Remains, by Carole Radziwill – 264 pages – (memoir) – 6/30/17 – (A 2014 TBR book)

15.You’ll Never Know, Dear (e-book), by Hallie Ephron – 304 pages – (suspense thriller) – 6/19/17



NUMBER OF PAGES READ IN JUNE 2017:       4,877

BOOKS READ YTD:                                                                    88

FAVORITE FICTION:  Every Last Lie, by Mary Kubica





One of my jobs is to keep track of my purchases.  My March and April numbers are a little bit better than January and February totals.

In January, I purchased 19 books, while I bought 13 in February.

See for yourself what March and April look like:


MARCH 2017:

1.All Grown Up (e-book), by Jami Attenberg

2.California Dreamin’, by Penelope Bagieu

3.Every Wild Heart (e-book), by Meg Donohue

4.Housekeeper, The (e-book), by Suellen Dainty

5.Never Change (e-book), by Elizabeth Berg

6.On Turpentine Lane (e-book), by Elinor Lipman

7.Roanoke Girls, The (e-book), by Amy Engel

8.Secrets You Keep, The (e-book), by Kate White

9.Swimming Lessons (e-book), by Claire Fuller

10.Widower’s Wife, The (e-book), by Cate Holohan

11.Widow’s House, The (e-book), by Carol Goodman


APRIL 2017:

1.All By Myself, Alone (e-book), by Mary Higgins Clark

2.Any Day Now (e-book), by Robyn Carr

3.Arrangement, The (e-book), by Sarah Dunn

4.Dark Flood Rises, The (e-book), by Margaret Drabble

5.Fallout (e-book), by Sara Paretsky

6.Miss You (e-book), by Kate Eberlen

7.My Life To Live, by Agnes Nixon

8.Night the Lights Went Out, The (e-book), by Karen White

9.Red Hunter, The (e-book), by Lisa Unger

10.Widow of Wall Street, The (e-book), by Randy Susan Meyers


Okay, the numbers are not that much better, but I’m moving in the right direction…LOL.  I still suffer from this disorder:




Are you struggling to curb your book buying tendencies?




Today I’m inspired by those who are posting about the books they loved the most, which ones captured their interest more than others…and stats.  Yes, stats.

Like Elizabeth, at Silver’s Reviews, who wrote a wrap-up of what she read this year, and examined her favorite authors and genres.

Of course, I had to take a look at my Read in 2015 page.

I am happy that, in the year 2009 when I created this blog, I started tracking my reading through my pages.

Here’s what I discovered about my activity over the year, in terms of numbers of books read, as well as favorites:

January – 16 – (Favorite Book – Catch Me, by Lisa Gardner)

February – 15 – (Favorite Book – The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, by Diane Chamberlain)

March – 16 – (Favorite Book – Hush Hush, by Laura Lippman)

April – 18 – (Favorite Books: Lacy Eye, by Jessica Treadway, & A Spool of Blue Thread, by Anne Tyler)

May – 19 – now that number stunned me! (Favorite Books:  Black-Eyed Susans, by Julia Heaberlin, & The Sound of Glass, by Karen White)

June – 15 – (Favorite Books – Crash & Burn, by Lisa Gardner, & The New Neighbor, by Leah Stewart)

July – 10 – this did not surprise me – house guests! – (Favorite Books – Pretty Baby, by Mary Kubica, & The Murderer’s Daughter, by Jonathan Kellerman)

August – 14 – (Favorite Books – The Mistake I Made, by Paula Daly, & The Summer Girls, by Mary Alice Monroe)

September – 12 – (Favorite Book -Pretending to Dance, by Diane Chamberlain)

October – 14 – (Favorite Book – Smoke, by Catherine McKenzie, & Corrupted, by Lisa Scottoline)

November – 11 – (Favorite Book – The Perfect Son, by Barbara Claypole White).


I think it’s interesting that most of my favorites came from authors I have read and enjoyed in the past.  But one favorite came from a new-to-me author:  Lacy Eye, by Jessica Treadway.

What does that tell me?  That I shouldn’t be afraid to try new authors.  Yes, I’ve ranted about those who disappointed me, but then there are those who bring treasures…and become favorite, go-to authors.

What have you discovered about your reading choices, favorite authors, and favorite books?