I did it again!  Changed up the blog header.

Maybe I will stay with this one for a while, but when the “restless feeling” attacks, I’ll be checking my blogs and seeing what needs a shake-up.

Meanwhile, it is almost time for a Monthly Wrap-Up, and in preparation, I was looking at my list of Books Read.  The numbers didn’t match what I felt I had read…so I double checked.  And guess what?  Three of the books I had read this past week hadn’t made it to the list!

Usually I am obsessive about entering those books, with links on the titles.  So what happened?

Well, I’m going to blame it on my daughter and those martinis she and her friend made last Sunday at the barbecue.  After that event, I became more forgetful, apparently.

So…I have fixed the oversight.  So far, I’ve read and reviewed fifteen books this month, and a number of them were NetGalley ARCs, leaving FIVE remaining.  My release dates on those are:

8/22, 9/12, 9/26, 10/3, and 10/10.  Whew!  I think I’ve got this!

As for my Purchased Books:

January:  19 Purchased, 3 Still Unread

February:  13 Purchased, 7 Unread

March:  11 Purchased, 4 Unread

April:  13 Purchased, 5 Unread

May:  13 Purchased, 6 Unread

June:  12 Purchased, 7 Unread

July:  7 Purchased, 7 Unread


The Total Purchased Books I’ve Read So Far:  64, which also includes some from July-December, 2016.


With only five reading months in the year, let’s hope I manage to read more books and never forget to add any to my lists!

What do your numbers tell you about your reading?  Do you find it helpful to keep tabs on your reading?



  1. I like your new header. I’m so glad I had found Goodreads. It keeps my reading organized as I really wanted to keep track of what I’ve read. And I’ve been so inspired by others who have expanded my reading repertoire.

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    1. Thanks, Stefanie, I like using Goodreads, too. Between my lists and what I’ve reviewed there, it works out. As for the so-called TBR at Goodreads, that combines wish lists and actual books I own. I don’t count books as TBR on my blog lists until I own them.


  2. I know! Yesterday I was writing up my month in review – won’t post until tomorrow because of It’s Monday, but I always go looking because somewhere I haven’t recorded a book, even though I try to do it at the time. Love your headers. Do you purchase your images or have you the same ones that you just swap in and out?

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Karen; I don’t pay much attention to Goodreads, except that if I’ve read a book already, I can usually find out there. But I have to be careful about which version of a book is showing. If it’s not the one I read, it will show TBR. Then I have to click on all the versions just to find out that yes, I did indeed read the book!

      Which is why I don’t participate in the GR Challenge anymore…they don’t add things up right. If I clicked the wrong version, then find the right one, they will show TWO books read, making my numbers wrong. Confusing? Yes, for me it is.


  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that happens to! The number of times I realise my Goodreads reviews don’t tally with my blog or the numbers on my TBR are suddenly awry are numerous and then I obsessively have to work out what’s gone wrong… Glad your missing books were located relatively quickly and I’m sure it was the martini’s fault.

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    1. Ha-ha! Yes, definitely the martini’s fault. Luckily I keep lists of books read and purchased in a notebook, too, so between the blog, Goodreads, etc., it’s usually the handwritten list that has the correct info.

      Thanks for stopping by, Cleo, and I get very frustrated with Goodreads and how they count each version of a book (e-book, hardcover, paperback) separately, making it hard to keep track.

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