When I think of spots where I like to “curl up and read,” I often focus on the little wicker loveseat above.  That little bench has been with me for many years, and moves around from various spots in each home.

Years ago, it was like a window seat in my foothill home, and cats enjoyed it, too.

Then I added a few pillows for human comfort and moved it to my next home, where it landed near windows or bookshelves (as in the first photo above).


For a while, it also had pride of place in my former bedroom.  I loved its coziness.

Now it sits at the foot of my bed in my current residence.


My pattern is to cling to my favorite things, especially when they’ve proven to be versatile, like the bench.  I also have tables and other accessories that trail along after me in my various moves.  Below, I used my antique ice cream table as an end table in my previous residence.

Before that, I used it as a sofa table for playing games…See the photo on the left portion of this “back in the past” collage…


Now I use it to “hold” my TV in my new place.



I have definitely diverged from my initial focus on the bench seat…LOL.  But my point, apparently, is to show how I hang onto my various favorite things.


Do you have furniture/accessories/or collections that remain part of your life as you move from place to place?  Or do you like to start over with a “blank canvas” wherever you are?  And what are your favorite “curl up and read” spots?



  1. Diane

    I like when you share your special photos.

    The only thing I have from past moves that has been with me sometime is a Hitchcock dining set purchased in 1973. I wouldn’t mind if it found a new home though as we bought a diff set when we moved to our condo 10 years ago. I do have 2 Tiffany lamps witch I love as well as some artwork that has been with us 20+ years that is meaningful.

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    1. Thanks, Diane, I do love hearing about treasured and/or sentimental items. Often mine have been things I found in consignment shops, etc. LOL.

      My little ice cream table was one I bought at an antique store in a neighboring village…back in the 70s.


  2. I loved reading this post and seeing your photos of how you’ve used furniture around your home. I don’t have many pieces of furniture from my past but I do have a wooden chair that I can’t bring myself to part with. It was a kitchen chair in my Nan’s house, and my mum got the set of them when she left home. Eventually only one was left so she re-painted it and put it in my bedroom at my dressing table when I was a little girl. I’ve now kept it through 3 or 4 house moves – sometimes it’s an extra chair when we have guests, sometimes it’s a place where I lay my clothes for the next day and sometimes it’s trying to find a place to be useful. In and of itself there’s nothing special about it but it brings me such joy that it belonged to two wonderful women (who are sadly no longer here) so it always finds a place and a purpose in the end. 🙂

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