Okay, I’m jumping the gun with this post already…but I’m eager to begin the Spring Bloggiesta.  So I’m writing this…and when the Starting Gate opens, I’ll be there!

As we discussed in our sign-up posts, there are a number of to-do tasks we will be focusing on.  I tend to start with a small list and add to it, if I have time.

So here goes:


My List:

❏  Do two mini challenges  –  Done! 1)  River City Reading – Pic Monkey; 2)The Steadfast Reader:Creating an Attractive Page
❏  change or fix one or more things on my sidebar-Done!  Removed three items
❏  add a page (about me, contact, policy, etc)  Done!  Added contact page!
❏  comment on other Bloggiesta participants’ blogs (at least 20!)   Done!  Still going, too!
❏  change one thing on my layout and/or look (header, theme, background)  Done! New theme, new header, new background!
❏  work on some of my other blogs   Done!  Changed headers on Rainy Days and Mondays & Story Corner!  Changed background on Creative Journey using Digital Scrapbook Images.
❏  delete irrelevant pages   Done!  Removed Reading Room (It is now at An Interior Journey blog)!
❏  create a new gravatar (favicon) to include latest book  Done! Using image of latest book cover
❏  participate in at least one Twitter chat  Done!


*For River City Challenge:  Created the button below to use on my Potpourri blog on Mondays:



PicMonkey Collage-Monday Potpourri



Let’s get ready to celebrate!

22 thoughts on “LET’S GET READY, SET, & GO! – MARCH 27-30 BLOGGIESTA

  1. I like the button you created in PicMonkey! Looks like you are making great progress for your first day of Bloggiesta! Keep it up.


  2. Wow! You are doing absolutely amazingly so far! I’ve achieved absolutely nothing in comparison 😉 I love your button too – maybe I should give that mini challenge a go too. I’ll have to see how I get on time-wise I guess.

    Good luck with the rest of Bloggiesta (although at this rate you may run out of goals!).


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