Good morning!  It is almost time for Spring Bloggiesta:  March 27-30.  I’ll be working on this blog—I have eleven total, so I alternate—and here are some of the tasks I will be hopefully accomplishing.

My usual style is to start with a relatively small list, and then add to it as I go along, as I see what fabulous things everyone else is doing.

My List:

❏  Do two mini challenges
❏  change or fix one or more things on my sidebar
❏  add a page (about me, contact, policy, etc)
❏  comment on other Bloggiesta participants’ blogs (at least 20!)
❏  change one thing on my layout and/or look (header, theme, background)
❏  work on some of my other blogs
❏  delete irrelevant pages
❏  create a new gravatar (favicon) to include latest book
❏  participate in at least one Twitter chat



So let’s party!  Grab some chips, have something salty for lunch….and have fun!

26 thoughts on “IT’S SPRING! LET’S BLOGGIESTA!!

  1. It’s tempting to sign up and do a little blog work. I always end up in the garden on the last days of March getting ready for planting and listening to audio books, but this year the ground is still frozen. Seriously crazy!


    • That is crazy, Leslie…what a winter you’ve had! I always love carving out some time to make over one of my blogs. I usually do a lot of that in between, but it’s so much fun to visit other blogs, and have visitors at mine. I hope you sign up.


  2. Hi Laurel! Thanks so much for visiting me! There’s always so much to work on, I know the last time I did this I really overhauled, got rid of the two side bars I was so proud of, and went back to one, then pared down what was there A LOT! Good luck and much productivity! 😀


    • Thanks for stopping by, ebookclassics; it is a big step to delete pages, but oftentimes I move the page to another blog, or I delete a pages of past reading challenges, but only if I truly don’t feel the need for them again. Yes, kind of like chopping off a limb…LOL.

      I have merged blogs, too, when my numbers reached their highest point (20).


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