Imani Banks lives in a posh Brooklyn Heights neighborhood that has just been rocked to its core. An acclaimed movie director has been murdered, and his blond trophy wife—Imani’s closest friend—is missing. Their neighbors, along with the media, jump to the conclusion that Melissa Walker has killed her husband in a fit of rage and is on the run.

Fortunately for the missing actress, Imani is a psychiatrist as well as a steadfast friend. She will never give up her search and is determined to prove Melissa’s innocence. It shouldn’t take a degree in human behavior to know that Melissa would never leave her daughter behind.

Recently, Imani and her chef husband rented some extra rooms in their house to a struggling waitress from his restaurant. Tonya Sayre has moved in with her teen daughter and the convenient timing and her suspicious behavior soon lead Imani to suspect that the true killer is living right under her own roof. Now all she has to do is prove it.
curl up and read thoughts

A story set in the Pandemic, The Darkness of Others takes the reader into the midst of the characters’ struggles. Narrated alternately by major characters Imani, Tonya, and Melissa, with supporting characters Philip and others, we soon begin to understand the conflicts and how what is happening to them in this new world order has intensified their lives.

As I followed the journeys of the characters, I felt for each of them, especially Tonya and Imani. These two are at odds with one another because of the circumstances of their lives, but I rooted for them both. I believed that their conflicts were stoked by the events of the world in which they live and the other characters whose issues are adding to their own challenges.

As the story escalates, we soon begin to realize how each of them is endangered by the actions of others. What happened to one of the characters and who actually murdered him heightens the story and keeps us guessing. A tempting tale that earned 5 stars.


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