It has been such a short time since Bloggiesta, when I totally made over this site….and now, a little more than a month later, I’m at it again!

New theme, new header, new background.  New logo for Weekly Updates.



PicMonkey Collage-MAY


Some of my obsessions include making over things, purging stuff, and rearranging my rooms. 

This week, I gathered up two handfuls of clothes from my closet.  Clothes I hadn’t worn in more than five years.  Now my closet looks very neat.  And I have lots of extra hangers!  LOL.

I will never again have a closet I love as much as the one in my A-frame house in the foothills.  In the last year I was there, my son did a lot of painting for me, added some ceiling fans, and put in California Closets for me.  I so loved it!

But this rented condo is not worth the time.  Already I have the bookshelves and DVD shelves he built…so that gives me a good feeling. 





DVD shelves in late April


Over at my Bookish Thursdays post, I ranted a little about losing my reading mojo…after finishing two books I loved.

A Desirable Residence and Fin & Lady were books I bought in 2014 from the Barnes & Noble bargain table.  I have tried numerous times to get into each of them.  I’ve even posted excerpts for various memes.  So I planned to read them during the Read-a-Thon…but spent all my time on The Obsession (which I loved!  Click title for my review).



april 23 break 2


No luck!  I gave up on each of them after 50 pages, which is my minimum.  Sometimes I go 100 pages, but only if I can’t stop reading…which means I’ve engaged.

So these two books were tossed out with the recycling.  I’m sure they are great books, and it’s probably my fault that I couldn’t connect with the characters or the situations.

Or I could blame how much I loved the books I already read this week.

Now I’m alternating between two books…one on Pippa, and one print book.  More on those books another day.


These are my Curl up and Read moments for the week…

What did your week look like so far?  Or how about your obsessions, changes, binge-watching, etc.?





  1. Jealous of your reading this week! Mine is at zero aside from the minimal progress in an audio book. Sadly, sinus surgery seems to affect my reading ability. I’ll be back on the horse next week!!

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    1. Oh, sinus surgery sounds horrible! My sinuses hurt from allergies, but the meds help.

      My first two books went by quickly as I loved them…then my DNF books slowed me down. Now I’m enjoying my two that I’m reading alternately. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa…hope you feel better soon.


  2. I love your bookshelves! Just lovely. I’ve been dealing with a cold this week so I’m sticking close to home or venturing out for a neighborhood walk. I love to watch HGTV so that’s been on in the background while I do a few things. Trying to get a few chapters read in my book. I like it but it’s easy to set down. Seems like we’re back to winter with high temp of 40 today, yikes. So that’s my week 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Mary, I love them too! My youngest son built them for me shortly after I moved here…and also the hallway shelves for my DVDs.

      Now he and my DIL moved way up North and haven’t even come back to visit…LOL. Could it be he is avoiding more projects? Actually, I know they are loving it up there on the beach, so why would they come to the hot valley?

      Our temps are lower today, too, but I haven’t been outside. My plans did not materialize…the ones about going to Barnes & Noble. It felt cozier to stay home.

      Sorry you aren’t feeling well…hope you are better soon.


    1. Thanks, Katherine…it was so much fun to have my son build them to my specifications…I love the white, somewhat distressed look of the bookshelves…and the DVD shelves are slim enough to allow room to walk the hallway easily.

      My clothes closets, however…definitely a work-in-progress, as I have top shelves with lots of stuff on them…mostly neatly arranged, but I’m thinking there must be a better solution.


  3. Oh are they your book shelves in the photo. That is exactly what I intend having built. I think there is a mirror where I intend having a place to put the TV. It’s going to go in the living room as I am the only one living here so why not bookshelves in there!! I think you’ve just given me a bit more impetus to get going and talk to a builder/joiner.

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    1. Yes, those are my shelves…my youngest son built them shortly after I moved here. I can’t believe I’ve been here nine years already!

      I had that mirror (in the middle of the hallway DVD shelves) before I moved here, and decided to have the shelves built to allow for it to be a centerpiece.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and enjoy your projects.


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