From the terrorist camps in Iraq to Deep Creek, Maryland, Three Days to Forever (A Mac Faraday Mystery Book 9) takes the reader along on a thrill ride that will keep us glued to the pages.

The first part of the story began eighteen months before, when Major David O’Callaghan and his crew took out a group of terrorists who were poised to blow them away.

Then the story takes us to Deep Creek and days before the social event of the season, and the wedding between Mac Faraday and Archie Monday. As guests and participants begin to arrive, a hit squad descends on Spencer Manor, endangering Mac, his friend Joshua Thornton, and Archie’s mother, Agnes Douglas.

In the remaining days leading up to the New Year’s Eve nuptials, numerous plots unfold, including one in which an old enemy of Mac’s vows to make him pay…and then ends up dead.

Why is Mac’s DNA all over the crime scene? How can he prove his innocence?

Just when everyone is focused on staying alive and proving Mac’s innocence, a series of strange occurrences remind them all that dark and evil forces are bringing the full brunt of their malevolence upon them all. Will David’s kidnapping stall the celebrations? Who can penetrate the hangout where the terrorists are keeping him, and save him before it is too late?

The most fun in this novel was how many new characters joined the familiar ones, like Joshua Thornton’s sons, Murphy, J. J., and Donny; and Mac’s son and daughter, Jessica and Tristan.

I also enjoyed seeing Cameron again, Joshua’s wife and a detective from a jurisdiction in Pennsylvania. She has less to do in this story, but her presence is felt.

And another animal joined the pair we are already familiar with (Gnarly and Molly): Jessica’s dog Spencer.

While I enjoyed the twists and turns of this latest thriller, I had some issues with how the political aspects made it seem as if the President and almost everyone in official positions were corrupt. Perhaps that was just my take, and since it did not impact the other parts of the story, which I enjoyed, I am awarding 4.0 stars. I always enjoy the characters in these books.


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