D. D. Warren, a Boston Homicide Detective, prides herself on solving cases. But there is one cold case that still disturbs her. The strangling death of college student Jaylin Banks, whose body was found in the stairwell of the library one late night. Only her white Keds sneakers were missing.

Now, ten years later, D. D. has brought in two consultants from Oregon, the husband and wife team of Quincy and Rainie Connor.

Years before, three suspects had been interviewed: Jaylin’s boyfriend, James Duchovny, and two security guards: Dennis Ringham and Santana.

As the two consultants interrogate each of them again, no new information comes forth. It is only when they bring in Erin Pizzey (the alias for Rebecca Stein), a woman who runs the battered woman’s shelter, that more information is brought to light. A significant detail that leads them to the “4th man,” and an arrest.

The 4th Man was a quick and straightforward read. I enjoyed the writing style, mostly made up of interrogations, and the quick resolution to the case. 5 stars.  (My e-ARC came to me from the publishers via NetGalley).

cropped again 5***