In the opening scenes of Plum Spooky, we once again see Stephanie Plum involved in her usual bounty hunting, plus a little extra something. Diesel, another hunky guy with special qualities, has popped into her life, and hovering nearby is his cousin Wulf Grimoire, a power-hungry evil entity.

Wulf has partnered up with some power mad science geniuses in an effort to control the elements. And in the Pine Barrens of Jersey, a whole cast of quirky characters will plunge the story into a quagmire of challenges that also include a lot of monkeys.

What do the monkeys have to do with the scheme the scientists are brewing? How will Stephanie manage to keep Diesel under control while he is camping out in her apartment? And how will one particular monkey named Carl seem to add that special something to the story?

As usual, Stephanie gets into a lot of trouble on her way to catching her bounty, and there are still the familiar hot men: Morelli and Ranger. But they are minor characters in this particular romp that had me turning pages rapidly, even as I knew that in the end, Stephanie and her cohorts would save the day. 3.5 stars.