As a New Year begins, one of my tasks is to create the pages on this blog where I can enter titles, links, etc., as the year progresses.  Every year, I have pages for Books Purchased, Books Read, and Review Books Received and Read.

The task was more challenging this year due to my relatively new use of the Block Editor.  But I somehow got through it!  I was exhausted afterwards, though.

Here are the pages I created:

Bookshelves – 2021



Books Purchased in 2021



Books Read in 2021


Review Books in 2021



What bookish tasks do you complete at the beginning of a New Year?



Halfway through May, I am amazed at the books I am reading.  I usually read thrillers, but last month, I mixed things up a bit.  I’m loving the variety!

I also started borrowing books from the library, which cut down on my “click to buy” activity.

Here is what my book “purchases” pages looked like in April and May (so far):

APRIL 2018:

1.Before I Let You Go (e-book), by Kelly Rimmer

2.Book Club, The (e-book), by Mary Alice Monroe

3.Female Persuasion, The (e-book), by Meg Wolitzer

4.New Neighbors, The (e-book), by Simon Lelic

5.Tangerine (e-book), by Christine Mangan

6.True Stories from an Unreliable Eyewitness:  A Feminist Coming of Age (e-book), by Christine Lahti


MAY 2018:

1.My Ex-Life (e-book), by Stephen McCauley

2.Perfect Mother, The (e-book), by Aimee Molloy

3.Smell of Other People’s Houses, The (e-book), by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock


In previous months, I purchased 14 books in January; 13 books in February; and 9 books in March.  My dip in purchases has a lot to do with my library borrowing.  I also relied some on review ARCs:

I received 8 review books in April and 3 in May so far.


At my other blogs: I am sharing bookish and not so bookish thoughts at my An Interior Journey site.  Today I wrote my post for tomorrow…and saved the draft.  Now I won’t have to struggle to come up with my activities for the week when it is time to post it.

Sometimes Wednesday nights find me scratching my head, wondering what, if anything, I had done that I could turn into a post! 

I’ve done this before:  written a post and saved the draft, so I’m ready to go when the post is due.  I don’t schedule my posts, though, as I don’t really trust the system (LOL), plus I might want to add something on the actual day of the post.


What books are you curling up with this week?  Are you struggling with the acquisition of your reading material?



With the year nearing its end, it’s time for another look at my book buying/reading stats.

I am regularly updating readers to my Read the Books You Buy Challenge, and so far, I have read 102 books toward the challenge goals.

What might not be evident from that number:  books I have counted for this challenge come from these sources:

Books Purchased Between July – December 2016

Books Purchased Between January 2017-December 2017

Let’s look at those sources more closely.

Between July-December 2016, I purchased 72 books, and from that number, I’ve read 61.

Between January-November (so far) 2017, I’ve purchased 139, and read 86.


Those figures don’t add up, you may say!  But…here’s the clincher.  The ones that count for the 2017 Challenge must have been read in 2017.  And some of the books bought in 2016 were read last year.

It puzzled me when I first looked at the numbers…but now I’m clear on it.


How I Track My Purchases and My Books Read:

When I purchase a book, I enter it onto the appropriate page on this blog:  Month, Year.

When I read a book, I link it to my review on the Books Purchased page and also on my Books Read page, month and year.

Review books have separate pages.


Before the year’s end, I don’t expect to have read ALL the books I bought this year, or even in 2016.  But I’m closer to that goal than I was on January 1.

How are you faring with your TBR stacks?  What methods work for you?



Good morning!  Today as I was creating a new blog header here, I decided to look back at what I was posting about a year ago.

Yes, I like peeking into the archives.

There it was, that midpoint check-in for Read the Books You Buy Challenge.  A year ago, of course, we were halfway through 2016, and I wrote:

In July 2016, halfway toward my goal, I have read and reviewed 38 in all.

I am thoroughly enjoying the process….and haven’t actually decided on my percentages.  I’m just reading as many books as I can.


This year’s midpoint has not yet been posted….but so far in the Read the Books You Buy Challenge- 2017, I have completed 62 books.  So I’m doing better this year!

I like challenging myself, and the motivation of trying to do better than I did the previous year is a good one for me.


As for the numbers of books I’ve purchased so far this year, I still went a bit crazy.  But so far in July, I’ve “only” bought 6 books; and in June, I purchased 11…four of which I’ve already read and reviewed.

The journey is challenging…but fun.  What do you do to find your motivation?  How do you curtail (or not) your purchases?




It is time to check out my numbers for the year so far.

For the Read the Books You Buy Challenge, I have read and reviewed 19 books so far.  Ten of those books were purchased in January 2017, and nine were purchased in the second half of 2016, which still qualifies them for this challenge.

Books Purchased in January:  20 – so half of them have been read

Books Purchased in February so far:  9 – and I’ve read none of them.


Books Purchased Between July – December 2016:  71

Books Read:  53

Books Unread for the second half of 2016:  18


Obviously, several of those books from 2016 were read in that same year, and counted for last year’s challenge.


So….my work is cut out for me.  But what fun the work has been!  I’ve been enjoying these books. 

As for those purchased before July 2016, some of which go way back to 2014…those are in the TBR Jar…and they will be dealt with…or not.

2014:  Unread Books-  20

2015:  Unread Books –  13

2016:  Unread Books from January – June – 21





The task seems huge, even insurmountable, but let’s total up all the unread books I’ve purchased since 2014:  81!

The year is new, and I think I can probably put a dent in these numbers.  What do you think?


Of course, the review books will take up some time, but so far, I only have 6 NetGalley books to read and review (I’ll probably get more, though).

And as for author review books, I have two waiting…and one Amazon Vine book.

I should probably be mindful of these numbers when making requests.


What does your reading year look like so far?  Do my numbers seem manageable?  How about yours?