We are almost at the end of August, eight months into 2019, and it is time to view my purchases and books read throughout the year.


     14 Purchased: 

               9 Books Read, 5 Unread


     6 Purchased: 

                6 Books Read, 0 Unread

MARCH 2019:

     10 Purchased:  

               6 Books Read, 4 Unread

APRIL 2019:

12 Purchased: 

               12 Books Read, 0 Unread

MAY 2019:

1 Purchased: 

          1 Unread

JUNE 2019:

     4 Purchased: 

               4 Read, 0 Unread

JULY 2019:

     3  Purchased: 

               2 Read, 1 Unread

AUGUST 2019:

     9 Purchased: 

               4 Read, 5 Unread


I still have books unread from previous years, but I am pleased that 2019 shows that I’ve made more progress in reading the books I’ve bought.

How has the year been for you?




Making lists is an ongoing part of my blogging journey.  They begin with pages on this blog, from which I gather information I need for the weeks and months ahead.

Since I will be participating in a new Read the Books You Buy Challenge, starting on January 1, I thought it was imperative that I take a look at the target months and the numbers.

What are the target months?  July 1, 2016 through December 31, 2017.

Let’s take a peek:

July 2016:

10 Books Purchased, 1 Book TBR (Not bad!)


August 2016:

19 Books Purchased, 4 TBR


September 2016:

9 Books Purchased, 3 TBR


October 2016:

13 Books Purchased, 5 TBR


November 2016:

14 Books Purchased, 6 TBR


December 2016:

9 Books Purchased, 8 TBR


Total Purchased for July through December:  86

Total TBR for July through December:  32


So…32 books to read from 2016.  Not bad.  But guess what the best part is?  2017 is a Clean Slate!  Thanks to last year’s challenge, I feel as if I am in a good place.

What are you planning for the New Year?  Will you be signing up for a challenge or two to whittle the unread books from your stacks?  Good luck, and have fun!