Lizzy Gardner’s world is populated by flawed and damaged people, and she, too, is one of them. She was abducted years before, but her interior world is still dark.

However, she is a successful Private Investigator, determined to help those in need. And her two assistants, Jessica and Hayley, bring a unique style as they join in the adventures.

In Dead Weight (The Lizzy Gardner Series #2), Lizzy and her associates are in search of missing persons. One disappeared twenty years ago, while still another seems to have gone missing after joining a weight loss program known for its drastic measures.

Why is Andrea, who hired Lizzy to find her missing sister Diane, behaving so strangely? Why is she so hostile to the very person she has hired? Will her secret agenda lead Lizzy to finding the answers?

As we follow Lizzy, Jessica, and Hayley, we learn more about what drives them, and in Hayley’s case, we are seeing a very dark downward descent as she pursues her own goals.

In the end, we find answers…and some of them are unexpected. I enjoyed Lizzy, a down-to-earth woman with the ordinary needs of any woman, but with the quirks one might find in someone with her history. I am eager to read about more of her adventures. 4.0 stars.