In Time for Summer Reading, WHILE WE WERE WATCHING DOWNTON ABBEY Author Returns to Florida with the “Wonderful Ensemble”* Readers Embraced in TEN BEACH ROAD and OCEAN BEACH


“Wax’s Florida titles . . . are terrific for lovers of women’s fiction and family

drama, especially if you enjoy a touch of suspense and romance.”

¾Library Journal Expresson Christmas at the Beach


Praise for TEN BEACH ROAD . . .

“If you loved Jennifer Weiner’s Fly Away Home for its wise and witty look at the lives of people grappling with personal setbacks . . . then try Ten Beach Road . . . [a] warm, wry novel.”

Collette Bancroft, St. Petersburg Times


“[This] dynamic, fast-paced story is a loving tribute to friendship and the power of the female spirit.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal


 . . . and OCEAN BEACH

“A well-rounded supporting cast and just the right amount of suspense and drama.“–Publishers Weekly



“Just when you think you have found the perfect beach read, bestselling author Wendy Wax pens

another fabulous story and, if possible, it is even better.” ¾Single Titles



“Where shall I begin?  This is a wonderful “ensemble” grouping of characters . . . It’s a terrific book . . .

beautifully written . . . one fantastic read, and I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy it as I did.”

The Book Binge



“Fascinating DIY details and a delightful supporting cast . . . as the women hammer out their problems and shore up their friendship.”Nancy Pate, On a Clear Day I Can Read Forever


            Madeline, Avery and Nicole are back in bestselling author Wendy Wax’s THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT on sale July 1st. Readers first met them when the three were deeded ownership of a crumbling historic home on Florida’s Pass-a-Grille Beach in Wax’s Ten Beach Road. At that time, all they dared hope was that renovating and selling it would let them rebuild their lives and the bank accounts drained by a Ponzi scheme.  They had no idea they’d end up living together for the next two summers, hammers in hand, starring in their own reality television show, Do Over. Neither did Wendy until her own enthusiasm for these disparate characters was matched by that of readers and reviewers. When a new story emerged, she couldn’t resist spending more time with her intrepid DIYers. Putting aside her work-in-progress, she took them all to Miami’s South Beach in Ocean Beach to face new challenges.

Following Ocean Beach and Ten Beach Road, cited as “one of six books that belong in your beach bag” by USA Today, Wendy enjoyed the U.S. and U.K. success of her novel, While We Were Watching Downton Abbey, and of her first ever e-book original, the holiday novella, Christmas at the Beach, before again strapping on her tool belt for THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT.

There have been some big life changes, but her much-loved characters are still friends, still taking life one renovation at a time and, as the book opens, still waiting to hear the details of their next project.  It turns out that they’re taking their hard earned skills and stamina to the Florida Keys where they’re expected to turn Mermaid Point, the private island of aging, down on his luck rock legend William Hightower, into a bed-and-breakfast. Against his wishes, of course.

Soon the island is host to the entire Do Over cast and crew, from Kyra, Dustin and Deirdre to Chase, Joe, Troy and everybody’s favorite, charming network executive Lisa Hogan, who once again claims the element of surprise as her ace in the hole.

There’s drama aplenty. Newly divorced Maddie is trying to figure out what’s next even as she simultaneously flirts with and denies her attraction to Hightower. Nicole is having trouble balancing on the fence she’s straddling in her relationship with Joe.  Avery continues to battle for control of the show she created and of the fledgling, still strained relationship with her formerly estranged mother, Deirdre.  Meanwhile, they have the renovation itself to worry about, fear that the newly debuted first season of Do Over will be a bust, and the ever present question of whether or not they’ll still have a job at the end of the summer, especially since William Hightower really, really doesn’t want to own or run a bed-and-breakfast.

As in all her novels, Wendy brings her distinctive voice, insight and humor to THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT as she explores the importance and joy of friendship, the strength of bonds forged in the face of adversity and the courage required to embrace change and confront the vagaries of life.



            Bestselling author Wendy Wax’s books have been highly praised. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says she “writes with breezy wit and keen insight into family relations.” Her contemporary women’s fiction has been featured in national publications such as USA Today, Ladies’ Home Journal and Woman’s World, and on prominent book sites. Ten Beach Road takes place in her hometown, St. Pete Beach, and was the first to be set in Florida. It has been joined by Ocean Beach, Christmas at the Beach and THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT. Her ten novels also include While We Were Watching Downton Abbey, Magnolia Wednesdays and The Accidental Bestseller. Her work has been sold internationally and her novel, Hostile Makeover, was excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine.

When not writing, she spends time visiting with readers at bookstores, book clubs, book and author luncheons and book festivals or enjoying time with her family. She has lived in Atlanta for seventeen years.

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