This week has been full of momentous reading, with each book bringing something special into my days. 

But here’s the most notable aspect to my reading week:  this week, I finished reading three review books, and not only finished them, but reviewed them.

I have one more book to finish of my planned week’s reading, but I’ve completed all the review books on my week’s list.  So I feel like celebrating a bit.

But here’s the best part.  I started reviewing on Amazon in 2008, and have been a Vine reviewer for awhile.  Today’s review post of The Long Drunk, by Eric Coyote, brought my total Amazon reviews to…wait for it!  600 REVIEWS!

When I started out, I wasn’t thinking of numbers.  I had just begun connecting to other reviewers and enjoyed exchanging comments on our reviews.

A lot has changed with Amazon reviewers since I began.  Back then, we had “Amazon friends” connections and could easily track the reviews of those we “knew.”

At that time, our profiles had links to these “friends,” and we could easily connect with them.  Nowadays, we have to actively search for other reviewers.

In the subsequent years, however, I’ve also joined Facebook, where I connect with readers, bloggers, writers, etc.  I have a lot of blogs these days, which is another way to connect.

Looking back, I am amazed at the changing online landscape, with more changes coming everyday.  Like Facebook’s timeline feature.

Goodreads is another place to connect with readers and bloggers.  I do enjoy how we can, in the midst of ongoing changes, find ways to join with other readers/writers and carry on a conversation, of sorts.

Where do you connect on the web?  Do you find that the social networking terrain has changed a lot since you began?  What are your favorite places to network?