Dr. Louisa Hancock has just started over in Philadelphia, as the assistant curator at the museum. She has left behind a troubling past and experiences that cost her the job as head curator in Maine. She has moved into a lovely condo in Rittenhouse Square and is settling into her routines.

And she is trying to look on the bright side of things. Unfortunately, some recent events in her new job have made it difficult, beginning with the attitude of Director Cusack who is a bit contemptuous in his remarks to her. But even more disturbing: Rikki, an intern at the museum, has gone missing. And shortly thereafter, her body is discovered and the murder weapon appears to be a replica of a Celtic knife that is part of Louisa’s exhibit.

As the police interrogate each of the employees, Louisa herself wonders if she might be a suspect. But when a second girl goes missing, another intern named Zoe, and the last place she was seen was Sullivan’s bar, owned by Conor Sullivan, someone Louisa had met while in Maine, suspicions are turned upon him. Circumstantial evidence points to him, but it is clear to Conor and to Louisa that someone else is responsible. Is someone setting him up?

There are a host of potential suspects, including someone Louisa once knew as a teenager…someone with whom she had a difficult past. And then there is a professor who may have made sex tapes with the victims….

Rapidly turning the pages of Midnight Betrayal led me down some interesting pathways, and I loved watching Conor and Louisa connect with each other, a bit of joy in an otherwise miserable time in their lives. But when Louisa goes missing, and when we finally discover who is behind it all, I was totally stunned. I love when that happens, and that extra layer of mystery made this a definite five star read for me. Recommended for all fans of the author, and for those who enjoy romantic suspense.