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Welcome to some bookish fun today as we share Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader; and as we showcase The Friday 56 with Freda’s Voice.

To join in, just grab a book and share the opening lines…along with any thoughts you wish to give us; then turn to page 56 and excerpt anything on the page.

Then give us the title of the book, so others can add it to their lists!

If you have been wanting to participate, but haven’t yet tried, now is the time!

What better way to spend a Friday?

Wow!  The week has flown by, and I haven’t done much blogging.  So I’m happy to share from a book I’m reading:  Twelve to Murder, by Lauren Carr.  We’re back in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, with Mac Faraday and friends.

Beginning:  (Prologue)

Stillman Mansion on Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

“Austin is back this year,” Olivia said in rhythm with the pace she had set for her power walk.

Two paces behind his wife, Roland took note of the white stone mansion along the chilly lakeshore.  The mansion looked all closed up.  All was quiet, as it was with many of the estates along the lake in the early spring.


56:  The smile that had come to the corners of his lips disappeared.  Sheriff Turow thrust a finger in the police chief’s direction as if to make his point.  “You’ve screwed up things enough for one day, O’Callaghan.”


Blurb:  Two people are brutally murdered in their summer place on Deep Creek Lake. Suspected of the murders, former child star and one-time teenybopper idol Lenny Frost takes innocent bystanders hostage in a local pub and demands that Mac Faraday find the killer. Can Mac save the hostages and himself from the wrath of the enraged has-been by piecing together the clues in less than twelve hours, or will it be a fatal last call at the stroke of midnight?


What do you think?  Does it grab you?  I know that I am always eager to find out more about Mac Faraday and the characters of Deep Creek Lake.



In the beautiful setting of Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, Blast from the Past: A Mac Faraday Mystery revisits some of my favorite characters: Mac Faraday, Archie Monday, David O’Callaghan, and, of course, Gnarly, the beloved dog that acts as a helper to the police on many occasions.

The story opens at a time twelve years before, when a young woman named Kendra Douglas hears strange noises coming from the library stacks at the University of Maryland. Within minutes, as she leaves for the night, she witnesses a murder.

Flash forward to discover that Archie Monday is experiencing a “blast from the past,” and she is revealed as Kendra Douglas, whose identity and appearance were changed when she was brought into the Witness Protection Program.

The mobster she witnessed murdering the victim has discovered her location. And all hell is breaking loose in the beautiful, wealthy Deep Creek Lake setting.

In the usual fashion that drives any great mystery, we meet numerous characters that figure into the plot in some way, and then there are the characters we are suspicious about, but cannot quite connect to the story until the very end. How does a murder in a Bed and Breakfast connect to any of the other murders in the area? Who is the mysterious bicyclist seen at the scene and then never seen again…until another night when murder and mayhem are happening? And what sneaky dealings is another participant in the Witness Protection Program up to, and how will Archie discover her secrets?

Great characters, fascinating and revealing dialogue, and the kind of pacing that always keeps me reading quickly led to a very satisfying story with a great conclusion. Of course I can’t wait for the next mystery in this series! Five stars.