When I first read the blurb for Ladies’ Night, I was especially drawn to the fact that the main character, Grace, was a “lifestyle blogger.” Yes, the author had me at “blogger.”

Also as a fan of all things cozy and beautiful, I was hooked immediately by this aspect of the story. But what kept me turning those pages were the events that changed Grace’s life in innumerable ways, and how, despite what seemed like her powerlessness, she rose above it. And then she began to take control. And reinvent herself.

Wouldn’t you, if your husband betrayed you, locked you out of your home and your blog, along with your bank accounts? The outrage I felt on her behalf, especially since he was the one who betrayed her…well, you can imagine the emotions engendered. But emotions like these can turn lives around in new directions.

And this is what makes this author’s work so readable. She grabs us emotionally and takes us along for the ride with the characters.

What will Grace do to jumpstart her new life? How will she manage to turn the most infuriating and even humiliating experiences into True Gold…or True Grace, if you will? And when she is presented with obstacles over and over, will she give up? Or will she find a way to turn everything around?

I could not put this book down. I loved the characters, the settings in beautiful Florida, and how the story kept me rooting for Grace and her new friends, Wyatt and Camryn; and I started to feel empathy and compassion for some of the unlikeable ones, too. This delightful tale follows a somewhat predictable path, in that we know that the characters will find a way to win out in the end. The fun is figuring out how they will do that. 4.5 stars.