A murder at a construction site in Atlanta turns into so much more when the victim is revealed to be an ex-cop. And not a good cop. Dale Harding is even more dark and troubled than anyone knows at the beginning of our story, but before the final denouement, his nefarious connections will be revealed.

Will Trent is one of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s agents called to the scene, and his lover, Sara Linton, is the medical examiner.

The crime scene soon reveals that the massive amount of blood found does not belong to Harding, and the search is on for the other victim.

As we meet each of the detectives, we soon learn that there is something off about one of them. The connections between Harding and others from Will’s past add layers to the story, and before long, we are offered a glimpse into his childhood abuse. We are introduced to some of the others caught up in the foster care system with him, one of whom was his wife Angie Polaski. A wife with whom he has not lived in a long while, but who somehow manages to insert herself into his life whenever she chooses, stalking him and Sara, and leaving notes in strange places. The somewhat symbiotic relationship between them causes all kinds of trouble for Will…and for Sara.

Early on, we are also introduced to a group of sports agents, headed by Kip Kilpatrick, whose goal is to protect their clients at all costs, even when they have committed crimes. What, if anything, does Harding’s murder have to do with Kilpatrick and his group? How do the dark pasts of Harding, Will, Angie, and others connect to the events in the present?

A somewhat convoluted story with alternating narrators that gradually reveal all kinds of connections, The Kept Woman was thoroughly engaging, keeping me glued to the pages throughout. At one point, we also got to see Angie’s perspective, which lent some insight into her actions. 5 stars.

cropped again 5***