The women came together for another renovation, like the ones before. Reminiscent of the very first renovation of the house that was all they had left after the Ponzi scheme had drained them of their finances and needing their own reconstruction, this new project would bring unexpected gifts.

An unlikely group of women, they would become best friends as they worked to recreate a house and their lives.

Nicole’s brother had bilked them of their money, but she earned her place as a friend to the others. In their first and subsequent projects, Avery would be the architect and head of construction, while her mother Deirdre would be the interior designer. Those two would gradually reconnect after a lifetime of estrangement.

Maddie would need to pick up the pieces left after a ruined marriage, with her daughter Kyra and grandson Dustin in tow following her abandonment by Dustin’s celebrity father.

They all came with baggage and learned to rebuild their lives along with the houses.

The show Do Over would be a side effect of the first renovation, but it has somehow turned their lives into a caricature of what they had wanted. Being photographed at every turn does have its downside.

In this newest project, the women convene on Mermaid Point, in the Florida Keys. Like the previous projects, the destination had been a surprise selection by the network executives. William Hightower, the owner of this private island home, a rock star fresh out of rehab, needs a renovation of his interior life as well.

What will happen to this group of people, connected by a series of projects that have become more of a burden than a gift? How will the wear and tear of the renovations, along with the irritations wrought by the network head, bring some issues and feelings to a head?

I loved The House on Mermaid Point and how the author brought back the women, while adding new interesting characters to the mix. In the end, I felt a rush of mixed emotions at the unexpected resolution that came to them all, while throwing wide the windows on a fresh new beginning. 5.0 stars.