It’s done!  Finito!  Bloggiesta for Fall 2016 came to a successful close.  Below are my completed tasks.  I hope you will come by…and share your own links.




Here is a screenshot of the previous blog look.






Here is the new header….I think this one will stick for a while.








Here’s a glimpse of my Bullet Journaling effort:






Check out my Pinterest Friendly Images Here. (Click!)


Finally, I created a new header for my An Interior Journey blog.





And, to top things off, I created a new blog header for Serendipity!







Wow, what a productive week!  Did the rest of you enjoy it?  I know that I got an early start because I’m always very excited about this event.

Plus…I knew that other things would grab my attention toward the weekend.

Here’s what I accomplished.  Stop by and tell me how you did.



  • do two mini challenges Reading Fever, Sidebar Help;
  • Facing Edelweiss Fears, Shannon at River City. Done!
  •   change or fix one thing on your sidebar-Removed four items from sidebar! Done!
  •   add a page (about me, contact, policy, etc) – Added Favorite Blogs page and Favorite Authors page & two sub-pages; Done!
  •   change one thing on your layout and/or lookChanged blog header and background-Done!
  •   comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogs Commenting is ongoing
  •   participate in at least one Twitter chat
  •   Changed header and profile picture on Curl up and Read Facebook Page
  •   Created new blog button
  •   Changed backgrounds on:  Serendipity and Potpourri blogs.
  •   Changed the theme here, after much thought.  Done!
  •   Went back to the beginning of the blog, checking for bad links & corrected them…or trashed the posts.  Done!
  •  Changed the header at Interior Journey. Done!
  •   Changed the header and background here…again!  Done!





Here is the Bloggiesta Finish Line Post, with completed tasks below:




❏  do two mini challenges – Done:  1) Bullet Journaling with Emily Reads; and Protect Your Privacy Online, from Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books.
❏  change or fix one thing on your sidebar – Done!  Removed and rearranged a few things on the sidebar.
❏  add a page (about me, contact, policy, etc) Done!  Added a separate page for reviewing, with policies and rating system as sub-pages; added a Favorite Authors page; Click the links for the new pages!
❏  change one thing on your layout and/or look Done – New header, background, new theme,  and blog button
 comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogsHave visited 14 sites already; ongoing.
 participate in at least one Twitter chat – finally!

*** Make some changes on other sites, like Rainy Days & Mondays, Serendipity, and An Interior Journey – Done!


It was lots of fun, I got quite a bit accomplished, and I’m looking forward to the next event.

What was your weekend like?




The weekend has been productive for me.  And I had fun.  So let’s recap.

Here’s what I accomplished:


clean up labels/tags done!
  do two mini challengesWriting a Negative Review – The Steadfast Reader;Organizing the TBR Stacks – Cover2Cover Blog
  change or fix one thing on your sidebar Rearranged sidebar and removed four items! done!
  add a page (about me, contact, policy, etc) Added a Favorite Books Page; updated my Favorite Blogs page- done!
  change one thing on your layout and/or look; create new blog button – DONE!
  comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogs-Visited 40 sites!
  participate in at least one Twitter chat done!


Additional stuff:

Changed the theme and layout of my Potpourri blog done!

Cleaned up the sidebar and categories on my Serendipity blog; changed header and background-DONE!

Cleaned up the sidebar at An Interior Journey-DONE!


I can’t wait for the next event!  I hope you’ll stop by and share your outcomes!




It is over!  The Bloggiesta Fiesta is done….and I didn’t even get any Nachos.

But I feel that I made significant changes in one of my blogs, and did a bit of dabbling on several of the others.  I enjoyed the mini-challenges, too.

So here’s my list:

1.  Participate in mini-challenges ( Through a Visitors Eyes;  Getting to Know You;   Decluttering the Sidebar;

and Reviewing in Many Places.)  Done!

2. Visit at least 20 participants – Done!

3.   Clean up those sidebars  Done!

4.   Organize my pages  Done!  I deleted old challenges and updated info on some pages

5.   Explore changing my theme and header  Done!

6.   Find an effective tool to calendar my blog activities.Created Google calendar; also a daily planner in print  Done!

7.   Work on some of my other blogs (I have eleven!)  Done!

Ole!  Enjoy the week…and when the linky goes up over at the Finish line, I plan to visit some more blogs.  Hope you stop by here.



It’s a wrap!  Yes, indeed, the weekend was fun, with lots of blog visiting and participating in five mini-challenges.  I worked on this blog primarily, but also did some things over at my two Blogger sites.

Here’s my list, with finished items crossed out.  As you can see, I pretty much finished everything, except for the one thing marked next to the last item.

Did you all have fun?  I hope you’ll share your progress.


1.  Review pages and delete those that are no longer relevant;

2.  Update sidebars, removing old and outdated images and links;

3.  Participate in mini-challenges and learn how to improve my blogging skills; I especially want to learn more about Word Press plug-ins;

4.  Check out new widgets that might work for my sidebars; Added Goodreads widget;

5.  Visit lots of blogs; So far I’ve visited 30, but I’ll keep going;

6.  Change tagline for this blog;

7.  Add new blog header and background.

8.  Make new blog button


Additional Tasks Completed:

9.  Went to my two Blogger sites and added pages there for the first time!

10. Made a new blog header for Story Corner.(a blog that no longer exists)  Yay!

11.  I created a favicon which shows up in the place where I uploaded it, but I haven’t been able to make it appear where it is supposed to (up next to the URL)….sigh

To celebrate, I went out to a neighborhood Mexican restaurant with two of my grandkids….all this Fiesta stuff was making me crave some tacos, nachos, etc.

Did you do anything to celebrate?