Kellie Scott has finally gone back to work after years of being a stay-at-home mom. Her new career as a realtor offers the opportunity to enjoy the bucolic neighborhoods in the community, including her very own Newport Cove.

Viewing the homes and observing the people that inhabit them offers that something special to her new job, and so do the attentions of a handsome colleague. And what is the harm in a little flirtation?

Meanwhile, Susan Barrett enjoys running her own company, Your Other Daughter, a program which assists the elderly when they have no family around to provide routine support with everyday tasks. The work keeps her busy, she enjoys her time with her son Cole, but her heart is still broken from her divorce…and the betrayal of the woman who had been her friend.

Gigi and Joe Kennedy are another “perfect” family, under the glaring spotlight of a political campaign. Joe is running for Congress. But what happens when a power-hungry campaign manager intrudes into family matters in ways that make him impossible to keep around? Will Joe give up his political aspirations?

Finally, the newest neighbors seem a little more closed-off, their façade hard to penetrate. Are they really too good to fit in, or is there more to the story? Tessa and Harry Campbell might have a darker side than any of them can imagine.

The Perfect Neighbors was an interesting peek behind closed doors, as we gradually come to know each of the characters, including their flaws and secrets. Very slowly we learn, through flashbacks, the shocking secret that uprooted the Campbells and brought them to Newport Cove.

I liked the occasional excerpts in each chapter that showed the chatty repartee of the neighbors through their online newsletter, ListServ, the go-to place for newsy tidbits about events, about the rules regarding such ordinary things as how to properly deal with dog poop, and neighborly challenges and disagreements. These snippets added a light and humorous tone to the story.

When I reached the final page, I had a feeling that I really knew these individuals…and wanted to keep spending time with them. 4.5 stars.

***My e-ARC came from the publishers via NetGalley.