When Kate Fremont Everett decides to make some changes in her life, she has been a widow for eight years, her children are mostly grown, and definitely out of the house. Oldest son Jeff lives in the West Village with his partner Gabe; daughter Regan is planning her wedding with Phil; and Sam is a perpetual student on his way to his Ph.D. And finally, after all these years, she has left her law practice, planning to teach a few classes at a nearby college. At fifty-five, she believes there is still time for life changes.

One of those changes is to sell the big house in suburban New Jersey that no longer feels comfortable. In her weekly telephone conversations with the kids, she fills them in on some of her plans. Like buying that condo in Castle Crossings. So when her house and the condo are in escrow, soon to close, she is stunned when her youngest son, Sam, who has a new girlfriend named Alisa, calls up to ask if the two of them can move into the big old house with her.

Don’t any of her kids listen to her when she talks?

Narrated in Kate’s first person voice, A Slight Change of Plan is a funny, somewhat snarky, and totally down-to-earth story of a woman’s journey into the second act of her life. Can online dating work for her? What if she actually reached out to her first love, Jake Windom, who “waved” to her on her online profile? Why do her children suddenly seem needy and full of opinions about her life and its changes? And what about her aging mother, suffering from dementia, who now needs someone to look after her?

I loved the very real characters, like her old friend Cheryl, who grows pot in her backyard and has some unique ideas about relationships. And then there is a new and fascinating man who will be her daughter’s new father-in-law. As the possibilities begin to present themselves, Kate will begin to realize that making plans is not all it is cracked up to be. What a delightful story, full of wonderful characters, and there wasn’t a boring moment to it. I wanted to enjoy them all for a long time to come. 5 stars.