The other day, I wrote My TBR Stacks:  A Closer Look, hoping to zero in on my reading progress…and plan accordingly.  I also wrote a little about my fickle reading choices on Friday Potpourri:  Book Hopping, Etc.

Instead of really curling up to read, though, I’ve been creating new blog headers, like the one above…and like this one (below), at Serendipity.




And then…(below) over at Potpourri:







I think this one (above) is my favorite!

But…I also like the one at this site….I’m not quite finished with Serendipity, though.   It doesn’t really resonate with me, for some reason.  I’m sure I’ll be working on that, though.


So…let’s get to it.  I do have a list of books I hope to read in the next few weeks…and, yes, I am veering off course occasionally, but I’m still whittling away at the stacks.

Hillbilly Elegy is one I’m reading now…although I’m also reading Two If by Sea (halfway finished).  I want to pick up Inheriting Edith soon, as well.

All good choices, since they’re on my TBR pile.  But…shouldn’t I finish one of them?  Or two?











Let’s face it…I’ll do my back and forth dance with my books, I’ll watch a little Netflix…anything to avoid having to clean the house.  Yes, I’ve done the bathrooms and the kitchen…but I hate vacuuming and dusting.  lol.  I can always do it tomorrow, right?

What do you like to do instead of housework?  Does reading (or the pretense of reading) keep you away from tasks you would like to avoid?