As Fallon sits in a restaurant with her father, the critical and neglectful man who has done nothing to improve her spirits after a tragic fire that changed her life, they are interrupted by a handsome young man, Ben, who immediately inserts himself into their conversation.

Fallon is blown away by how good looking he is, and how he seems to really see her, scars and all, without even wincing.

They spend the day together in LA, knowing that Fallon will fly off to NY that night…and perhaps never see each other again.

But the intense pull they feel for one another will not be satisfied by one day. It is Ben’s idea to meet again every year on November 9, a significant anniversary for Fallon. What will happen to the two of them? Can they build something on these once-a-year moments?

I was prepared to be drawn into a typical romance, and while there were some of these elements in the story as the two of them met each year, things began to change. A fight between Ben and one of his brothers, the sense that something big is going on…Now the story opens up many possibilities as I began to wonder what more is stirring beneath the surface. What, if anything, is actually behind the date they met, and what led Ben to suggest the annual get-togethers on that date? He is writing a novel based on the premise, so could he be using the relationship as a plot twist? Can something real be built on a story idea?

And then there are some obstacles created by a misunderstanding or two, a death, and the angst of the separations. What would ultimately break them apart? Could anything bring them back together, especially after Fallon discovers the big secret Ben has been keeping?

I couldn’t put November 9 down, and I was eager to find the answers to all my questions. A 5 star read recommended for fans of Hoover…and fans of love.