Sarah Nelson has a past she would like to forget. A history that makes her worry about her own mental health in the future.

Narrated in Sarah’s first person voice, Sure Signs of Crazy takes us into the world of her thoughts and feelings, and as we follow along with her, we can feel what she feels. As a 12-year-old, she is precocious, real, and likeable.

This book is a sequel to JANEOLOGY, the story of what happened to Jane, the mother of Sarah and her twin Simon, and the tragedy that became Sarah’s life.

Why does her father seem so distant? How do Sarah’s two sets of diaries help her to figure out her life? And what summer events change her life from boring to interesting and then to something totally unexpected?

Sarah seemed like a child I would like to know, and reminded me of my own preadolescence, from the embarrassments that plague us to the crushes we think will stay with us forever. I was glad that she found a way to cope with her life, and would love to see what happens to her next. 4.5 stars.