Favorite Books of 2013

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It was challenging to pick just a handful of favorites, fiction and nonfiction, but here is my list:



FAVORITE TOP TEN FICTION READS FOR 2013: (Click for reviews) (In no particular order)

There Was an Old Woman, by Hallie Ephron

While We Were Watching Downton Abbey, by Wendy Wax

Good House, The (e-book), by Ann Leary

Tapestry of Fortunes, by Elizabeth Berg

Looking for Me, by Beth Hoffman

Someone Else’s Love Story, by Joshilyn Jackson

Necessary Lies, by Diane Chamberlain

Just What Kind of Mother Are You?, by Paula Daly

Sea Creatures, by Susanna Daniel

Apple Tree Yard, by Louise Doughty


FAVORITE NONFICTION READS FOR 2013: (In no particular order)

Kinsey & Me (e-book), by Sue Grafton

Half Broke Horses (e-book), by Jeannette Walls

Drinking with Men, by Rosie Schaap

Walled-In, by J. Elke Ertle

A Widow’s Story, by Joyce Carol Oates

Blue Plate Special, by Kate Christensen

Coming Clean, by Kimberly Rae Miller


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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