We are almost at the end of August, eight months into 2019, and it is time to view my purchases and books read throughout the year.


     14 Purchased: 

               9 Books Read, 5 Unread


     6 Purchased: 

                6 Books Read, 0 Unread

MARCH 2019:

     10 Purchased:  

               6 Books Read, 4 Unread

APRIL 2019:

12 Purchased: 

               12 Books Read, 0 Unread

MAY 2019:

1 Purchased: 

          1 Unread

JUNE 2019:

     4 Purchased: 

               4 Read, 0 Unread

JULY 2019:

     3  Purchased: 

               2 Read, 1 Unread

AUGUST 2019:

     9 Purchased: 

               4 Read, 5 Unread


I still have books unread from previous years, but I am pleased that 2019 shows that I’ve made more progress in reading the books I’ve bought.

How has the year been for you?



I now have THIRTEEN unread NetGalley ARCs…most of which have tumbled down onto my shelves in recent weeks.

Three of them came in 2018…but their release dates are in August (along with three others that arrived this year).

FOUR are releasing in June, so they will be up next.

After I read the August books, I’ll tackle the two releasing in September and one in October.  But I’ m sure there will be more!  I’m loving them, but I am also a little nervous about how they are showing up at unexpected times.

I used to get only books I requested.  I had some control that way.  But surprise offerings are delightful, too, and it feels good to be selected.  Yes, that’s what I feel when I first see a new one already approved in my inbox.  Sigh.

I enter each book on my review pages here, and then add the links once I’ve read and reviewed them.  I also have a trusty little notebook, but I have had to redo it when the new additions fill up the page.

If I had all of these books in a pile instead of on my Kindle, they might look like this…sort of:

That image reminds me of how my book stacks looked when I started this blog.  I had boxes of unread books when I moved (see below), and decided creating a blog to address the issue was a great idea.  All these years later, I don’t regret that action…since it worked.  But I keep adding to my TBR.  The books I receive for review now are mostly e-books.


How do you manage your unread books?  Do you curtail the number of review books that come your way?