Review Books for 2014


No reading journey is complete without a record of Books Received from publishers and authors and reviewed throughout the year.  Here you will find the documentation, month by month.  The titles link to the reviews.


1.      All You Can Dream Buffet, The, by Barbara O’Neal (Amazon Vine)

2.     Cambridge, by Susanna Kaysen (Amazon Vine)

3.     Circle of Wives, A, by Alice LaPlante (Amazon Vine)

4.    Clever Girl, by Tessa Hadley (Amazon Vine)

5.    Enon, by Paul Harding (Amazon Vine)

6.    Glitter & Glue, by Kelly Corrigan (Amazon Vine)

7.      Golden State, by Michelle Richmond (Amazon Vine)

8.    Innocent Sleep, The, by Karen Perry (Amazon Vine)

9.    K-Frost Caper, The – , by James Blakley (Author Review Request)

10.  Still Life with Bread Crumbs, by Anna Quindlen (Amazon Vine)

11.   Three Brothers, by Peter Ackroyd (Amazon Vine)

12.   Wife, the Maid, & the Mistress, The, by Ariel Lawhon (Amazon Vine)


1.    Love Story, with Murders,  by Harry Bingham (Vine)

2.   Save Yourself, by Kelly Braffet (Amazon Vine)

3.   Twelve to Murder (Mac Faraday), by Lauren Carr (Author Request)

MARCH 2014:

1.    And the Dark Sacred Night, by Julia Glass (Vine)

2.    Blonde, The, by Anna Godbersen (Vine)

3.     Dancing in the Streets, by Steven P. Unger (Author Review Request)

4.    Elizabeth is Missing, by Emma Healey (Vine)

5.     Invisible Ellen, by Shari Shattuck (Vine)

6.    No Book but the World, by Leah Hager Cohen (Vine)

7.     That Night, by Chevy Stevens (Vine)

8.    This Dark Road to Mercy, by Wiley Cash (Vine)

9.     True Blend, by Joanne DeMaio (Author Review Request)

APRIL 2014:

1.     And Then I Found You, by Patti Callahan Henry (Vine)

2.     Casebook, by Mona Simpson (Vine)

3.     Mercy Snow, by Tiffany Baker (Vine)

4.    On the Rocks, by Erin Duffy (Vine)

5.     Opposite of Maybe, The, by Maddie Dawson (Vine)

MAY 2014:

1.       Abroad, by Katie Crouch (Vine)

2.      Appetites of Girls, The, by Pamela Moses (Vine)

3.       Arsonist, The, by Sue Miller (Vine)

4.      Book of You, The, by Claire Kendal (Vine)

5.      Don’t Try to Find Me, by Holly Brown (Vine)

6.      Eyes on You,  by Kate White (Vine)

7.      Idea of Him, The, by Holly Peterson (Vine)

8.      Keep Your Friends Close, by Paula Daly (Vine)

9.      Landline, by Rainbow Rowell (Vine)

10.    Nantucket Sisters, by Nancy Thayer (Vine)

11.    One Kick, by Chelsea Cain (Vine)

12.     She Can Hide, by Melinda Leigh (Author Rev. Req.)

13.    Stories We Tell, The, by Patti Callahan Henry (Vine)

JUNE 2014:

1.       From-Aways, The, by C. J. Hauser (Vine)

2.      Real Murder (A Lovers in Crime Mystery), by Lauren Carr (Author Review Request)

3.     Until You’re Mine, by Samantha Hayes (Vine)

JULY 2014:

1.       Belzhar, by Meg Wolitzer (Vine)

2.      Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty (Vine)

3.     Evergreen, by Rebecca Rasmussen (Vine)

4.     Furies, The, by Natalie Haynes (Vine)

5.     Katwalk, by Maria Murnane (Vine)

6.     Save the Date, by Mary Kay Andrews (Vine)

7.     Small Blessings, by Martha Woodroff (Vine)

8.     We Are Not Ourselves, by Matthew Thomas (Vine)

AUGUST 2014:

1.     A Wedding and a Killing, by Lauren Carr

2.     An Italian Wife, by Ann Hood (Vine)

3.      Falling Into Place, by Amy Zhang (Vine)

4.      Home Place, The, by Carrie La Seur (Vine)

5.       Midnight Betrayal, by Melinda Leigh (Author Request)

6.      Silent Sister, The, by Diane Chamberlain (Vine)

7.      Tears and Tequila, by Linda Schreyer & Jo-Ann Lautman  (Author Request)


1.      Bookseller, The, by Cynthia Swanson (Amazon Vine)

2.     Crooked River, by Valerie Geary (Amazon Vine)

3.     Friendswood, by Rene Steinke (Amazon Vine)

4.     Hello from the Gillespies, by Monica McInerney (Amazon Vine)

5.     Safe Keeping, by Barbara Taylor Sissel (Amazon Vine)

6.     Then and Always, by Dani Atkins (Amazon Vine)


1.      Carrier, The, by Sophie Hannah (Amazon Vine)

2.     Further Out Than You Thought, by Michaela Carter (Amazon Vine)

3.     Getting Even, by Sarah Rayner (Amazon Vine)

4.     Oleander Sisters, The, by Elaine Hussey (Amazon Vine)

5.      Rosie Effect, The, by Graeme Simsion (Amazon Vine)

6.      Ruin Falls, by Jenny Milchman (Amazon Vine)

7.      Saving Grace, by Jane Green (Amazon Vine)

8.      Trail Mix (e-book), by Pauline Kincer (Author Request)

9.      When We Fall, by Emily Liebert (Amazon Vine)


1.        Another Night, Another Day, by Sarah Rayner (Amazon Vine)

2.       Cancel the Wedding, by Carolyn Dingman (Amazon Vine)

3.       Finding Jake, by Bryan Reardon (Amazon Vine)

4.      Five Days Left, by Julie Lawon Timmer (Amazon Vine)

5.      Nightingale, The, by Kristin Hannah (Amazon Vine)

6.      Pocket Wife, The, by Susan Crawford (Amazon Vine)

7.      Secrets of Midwives, The, by Sally Hepworth (Vine)

8.      Walking on Trampolines, by Frances Whiting (Vine)


1.      Fireproof Home for the Bride, A, by Amy Scheibe (Vine)

2.     Lillian on Life, by Alison Jean Lester (Vine)

3.     One Step Too Far, by Tina Seskis (Vine)

4.     Small Indiscretion, A, by Jan Ellison (Vine)

5.     Unbecoming, by Rebecca Scherm (Vine)






Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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