The break-up of Olivia’s marriage is hard on all involved, but especially her nine-year-old daughter, Ellie. They attempt to build a new life, and focus on the future. But Olivia is crushingly lonely, so when her new neighbour, Michael, extends the hand of friendship, it’s all she can do to stop herself clutching at it and never letting go.

Olivia has no idea how the course of her life will be altered by that choice.

Before long, Michael and Olivia are a couple. There are some difficulties making it work – after all, both parties have emotional baggage. Doesn’t everyone keep some secrets? If only Ellie could adjust, and Michael’s erratic sister, Chloe, didn’t keep bringing drama to their door.

But Olivia doesn’t listen to the warning signs before it’s far, far too late. By the time she realises something is badly wrong with the man she’s involved with, she cannot escape. The only way out is for the truth to explode like a bomb, shattering their lives, and ensuring no one caught in the middle will ever be the same again…


curl up and read thoughts

When Olivia first leaves her husband Carl, she and daughter Ellie set about to create their new home in the downstairs flat of a nice building. The Neighbour Upstairs portrays Michael, who seems like a nice person, as someone to fill in the emptiness in this new life. But things are not what they seem, and while I couldn’t believe that Olivia spent so much time giving this weird neighbor so much of her attention, I was actually stunned by the truth when it finally exploded, changing everything about her life.

The story dragged quite a bit for me, and I was frustrated by how Olivia gave in to Michael, trying to create a happy relationship when the man had no redeeming qualities, in my opinion. The dark secret he is keeping would have been the final straw much sooner if Olivia had been paying more attention, and unfortunately, when it did come out, the damage was almost insurmountable. 3.5 stars.



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