Your father didn’t kill himself . . .

New Orleans Detective Quinn Conners is haunted by her father’s whiskey-soaked, last words—that he solved the Hudson murder and kidnapping. It wasn’t the first time he’d made that drunken claim, and she didn’t believe him. Twenty-four hours later she found him dead by his own hand.

Quinn’s lived with that guilt for five years, so when she receives an anonymous message saying Your father didn’t kill himself she’s determined to crack the cold case and unearth the truth about her father’s death.

Soon, Quinn finds herself entangled in the web of mystery surrounding Grace Hudson’s disappearance and the powerful, secretive family at the heart of it. In too deep, she faces the most important question of all—is the truth worth dying for?


curl up and read thoughts

As we dig into the mysteries behind the Hudson case, we are first introduced to Rourke Conners, trying to solve a murder. A few years later, we meet his daughter Quinn, who has taken up the badge and is hoping to find the answers he did not.

The Detective’s Daughter is a page turner that goes back and forth in time, and even as we learn more about Rourke and also even more about Quinn, we are still uncertain about the resolution of the case.

There were so many twists and turns within the case, both in the past and in the present, and just when we think we have the answers, we are toppled by the strange questions that remain unanswered.

By the end, we can be satisfied that we know everything there is to know, therefore earning 5 stars.



  1. Okay so… why did they title this The Detective’s DAUGHTER if she’s a detective in her own right? I just hate these types of book titles that reduce a woman’s identity to being nothing more than related to some man. As if the man’s profession has anything to do with who she is. Sorry! I get that you loved the book, and I’m sure it is great, but I hate the title.

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