Good morning and welcome to August! I am in my new apartment, and in the cupboard above, I have “housed” the TBR physical books on my radar for the upcoming months. I have lots of Kindle books to read, too, but let’s start with the books we can “touch.”

In July, I had many books I loved, but these two favorites stand out:


     Mysteries/Thrillers – 7

     Contemporary Fiction – 2

     Literary Fiction – 1





Now for the list of books read and reviewed:  Click titles to see my thoughts on the books.

JULY 2021:

1.Count the Ways (e-book), by Joyce Maynard – (441 pages) – (literary fiction) – 7/26/21

2.Dark Roads (e-book), by Chevy Stevens – (374 pages) – (thriller) – 7/15/21 – (NG-8/3/21)

3.Dream Girl (e-book), by Laura Lippman – (308 pages) (thriller) – 7/2/21

4Fiancee, The (e-book), by Kate White – (354 pages) – (thriller) – 7/8/21

5.Kill All Your Darlings (e-book), by David Bell – (397 pages) – (murder mystery) – 7/17/21

6.Skye Falling (e-book), by Mia McKenzie – (320 pages) – (contemporary fiction) – 7/13/21 – (NG-6/22/21)(

7.Stepsisters, The (e-book), by Susan Mallery – (323 pages) – (contemporary fiction) 7/5/21

8.Stranger in the Mirror, The (e-book), by Liv Constantine – (331 pages) – (thriller) – 7/21/21

9.Such a Quiet Place (e-book), by Megan Miranda – (333 pages) – (mystery) – 7/30/21

10.Survive the Night (e-book), by Riley Sager – (322 pages) – (thriller) – 7/11/21


What did your July look like?


6 thoughts on “GOODBYE TO JULY…

  1. I happy to say goodbye to July, the weather was dreadful for summer with over a foot of rain, lots of thunderstorms and high humidity. It was good for reading though. Glad to see that your move did not affect your reading. I LOVED Count the Ways as well in June and keep thinking it would make a great movie. We watched Labor Day again yesterday, based on Maynard’s book with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin – such a beautiful movie.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I think I will shop for a sofa today! After sitting on wicker for a week, I’m ready! With a comfy spot on which to curl up and read, who knows what could happen with the books?.

      I like separating my unread physical books from those I’ve read. It’s harder to do with the Kindle ones, though.Enjoy August!

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