Welcome to my Monthly Wrap-Up, and here are some reading stats:




Nonfiction Reading Challenge:  5/6


My Two Favorites in June:  Click the book covers to read my reviews:



     Mystery/Thrillers:  7

     Contemporary Fiction:  4

     Memoir:  1


Click the Titles to Read My Reviews:

JUNE 2021:

1.Before She Disappeared (e-book), by Lisa Gardner – (380 pages) – (mystery) – 6/4/21

2.Brat: An 80s Story, by Andrew McCarthy – (217 pages) – (memoir) – 6/12/21 – (Nonfiction Reading Challenge)

3..Break-Up Book Club, The (e-book), by Wendy Wax – (361 pages) – (contemporary fiction) – 6/1/21

4.Midnight Library, The (e-book), by Matt Haig – (299 pages) – (contemporary fiction) – 6/12/21

5.My Lies, Your Lies (e-book), by Susan Lewis – (391 pages) – (mystery) – 6/21/21

6.Newcomer, The (e-book), by Mary Kay Andrews – (442 pages) – (contemporary fiction) – 6/14/21

7.Pack up the Moon (e-book), by Kristan HIggins – (468 pages) – (contemporary fiction) – 6/30/21

8.Photographer, The (e-book), by Mary Dixie Carter – (288 pages) – (thriller) – 6/16/21

9.Six Weeks to Live (e-book), by Catherine McKenzie – (378 pages) – (domestic thriller) – 6/19/21

10.Sycamore (e-book), by Bryn Chancellor – (321 pages) – (mystery) – 6/24/21

11.Therapist, The (e-book), by B. A. Paris – (368 pages) – (thriller) – 6/27/21 – NG- 7/13/21

12.You Will Remember Me (e-book), by Hannah Mary McKinnon – (294 pages) – (mystery/thriller) – 6/10/21


What did your month look like?


12 thoughts on “MONTHLY WRAP-UP…

  1. So interesting that the Wendy Wax gets top billing along with B. A. Paris among some strong contenders. I do have it to read but might be a little while before I get to it but nice to know “it’s worth waiting to get

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  2. Well done on reading 12 books and it looks like your had a thrilling time! Like what I did there?! 😉 Sadly June was officially my lowest reading month of year, so far! I only finished two books and had to DNF another one, however my new read of The Comedy Club Mystery by Peter Bartram is proving to be great fun and I am still dipping in and out of the beastie Count of Monte Cristo, too. So fingers crossed July is shaping up to be a better month. Happy July reading! 😃

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  3. So many great mysteries! Thank you so much for the recommendations and I have added “Sycamore” and “My Lies, Your Lies” to my TBR pile. I love crime fiction (especially murder mysteries!). It seems you’ve got plenty to read but I thought I would give you a recommendation to a book I finished recently that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s called “The Glass Alibi” by John Burns ( It is an urban suspense/dark comedy novel about a private investigator, Nick Sloan, who is investigating what seems to be a straightforward case but soon finds that it goes much deeper and is much more layered and complicated than expected. It takes place in San Francisco in the 1980s and is very reminiscent of those old “gumshoe” detective novels with a modern and super dark twist. It’s a page turner you won’t be able to put down. If you do check it out I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy Summer and Happy Reading!

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    • Thanks, Bianca, and I do love mysteries. Thanks for the recommendation, as I love books with detectives and in a San Francisco setting. The 80s were also a time I enjoyed reading about (and living).


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