James and Jessica Sommers are celebrating their first blissful year together, an unexpected second chance at true love. Unfortunately, their newfound shot at happiness is not without collateral damage.

There’s Jessica’s ex-husband. He pretends for all the world that he’s resilient and strong. If only for the sake of their teenage son, profoundly vulnerable in his own way. James’s ex has taken a different road. Bitter, vengeful, and threatening, she wants only the worst for the happy couple. And then there’s the couple themselves: Are they truly as in love as they seem?

When James enters into an extraordinarily profitable, if shady, transaction with a beautiful art dealer, Jessica and James’s seemingly perfect marriage takes a dark and tragic turn.

Amid suspicions, tested loyalties, revenge, and guilt, no one escapes unscathed from sins committed in the name of love.

curl up and read thoughts

Our characters alternate in telling the story of The Perfect Marriage, and we soon come to realize that they and their relationships are anything but perfect. In fact, sometimes they are deeply flawed.

Like most stories about relationships, the flaws and imperfections give us that extra twist, the ingredients that pull us in.

I found it hard to imagine how this story would play out, but I did have my theories. I was most drawn to young Owen, who was fighting a second round of leukemia.

The darkness descends and soon all the characters are having to explain their actions to escape punishment.

As the story winds down, I kept trying to guess who might have done the deed, and I was truly stunned by how it all played out. A 4.5 star read.



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