It is time for another search of our TBR shelves/piles for those sadly neglected books from the past.  Carole’s Random Life in Books is hosting this event.

Today’s neglected book was purchased in February 2020:  Blind Spot, by Sue Miller.

blind spot

Why did I buy this book? When I saw the author’s name, I thought it was from the Sue Miller who wrote several other books I had read. When I realized I was wrong, I thought I should try it anyway.

Who should we save? Our family? Our friends? 2045 and the world is in chaos. Climate change, shortages of food and falling fertility are turning nations and communities into fortresses. Hope Grigori and Jude Goodman are cousins. She wants to save their whole community, he’s prepared to choose the strongest and leave the rest behind. But how do you decide who’s going to live? And who has the right to say one individual matters more than another? What’s fair? Who’s in charge? Determined to find a way through the challenges Hope sets off on a quest to find fairness for the many, not just the few. A book for anyone who’s ever asked if their life was meant to turn out the way it has. Blind Spot is a prequel to 20/20 Vision: They didn’t see it coming.

So now I should actually find out more about this book and the author. What are you “neglecting” today?


10 thoughts on “ANOTHER BACKLOG BOOK…

  1. As I was reading the blurb, I was thinking, “This sounds really different from Sue Miller’s other books.” Now I know why! It’s a different Sue Miller. I hope you enjoy this one when you read it, Laurel-Rain.

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  2. I have bought books thinking that the author was someone else before as well. I like the sound of this one and after the past year or two, this future doesn’t sound so impossible. I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

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