It is time for another search of our TBR shelves/piles for those sadly neglected books from the past.  Carole’s Random Life in Books is hosting this event.

Today I scrolled way back on my pages and found this one from August 2017:  The Locals, by Jonathan Dee.

A book that strikes a chord with me…and then I wonder why it has languished on my Kindle all this time?

Synopsis:A rural working-class New England town elects as its mayor a New York hedge fund millionaire in this inspired novel for our times—fiction in the tradition of Jonathan Franzen and Jennifer Egan.


Mark Firth is a contractor and home restorer in Howland, Massachusetts, who feels opportunity passing his family by. After being swindled by a financial advisor, what future can Mark promise his wife, Karen, and their young daughter, Haley? He finds himself envying the wealthy weekenders in his community whose houses sit empty all winter.

Philip Hadi used to be one of these people. But in the nervous days after 9/11 he flees New York and hires Mark to turn his Howland home into a year-round “secure location” from which he can manage billions of dollars of other people’s money. The collision of these two men’s very different worlds—rural vs. urban, middle class vs. wealthy—is the engine of Jonathan Dee’s powerful new novel.

Inspired by Hadi, Mark looks around for a surefire investment: the mid-decade housing boom. Over Karen’s objections, and teaming up with his troubled brother, Gerry, Mark starts buying up local property with cheap debt. Then the town’s first selectman dies suddenly, and Hadi volunteers for office. He soon begins subtly transforming Howland in his image—with unexpected results for Mark and his extended family.


What books are you rediscovering today?



  1. I guess we were both thinking along the political lines for this week’s pick. LOL Definitely one that would pull me in right now. Hope you like it, Laurel-Rain.

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    • Thanks, Katherine, and yes, the Kindle can be a great hiding place for books. Then there is also the Cloud! Luckily, I do keep track of what I buy and what I’ve read from those. So it is possible to eventually rediscover them. LOL. This event does help with that!


  2. I am often surprised by older books that I have, either on my shelves or my ipad. Even if they don’t scream ‘Read me’ when I look at them, they tend to surprise me, once I start reading. Great to discover old books.

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