Crime reporter Sawyer Brooks still grieves for the family she and her two sisters never had. Raised in a house of horrors, they continue to fight through the trauma—releasing their rage by seeking justice for those who are just as vulnerable as they were.

When a little girl’s bones are unearthed in Sacramento’s Land Park and twelve-year-old Riley Addison disappears, solving these cases becomes an obsession for Sawyer—one that puts her job at risk. Yet she can’t turn back, and the deeper Sawyer’s investigation goes, the darker it gets. A psychopath is on the loose and has been trolling Sacramento for years—hiding in plain sight be-hind a motherly facade.

The more Sawyer persists, the closer she gets to a disturbing place reminiscent of her own terrorized childhood. With time running out, Sawyer will risk anything to save Riley from the dark.

But the killer will do anything to keep her there.


In alternating chapters, we follow the stories in Out of Her Mind. I am a new fan of crime reporter Sawyer Brooks, and not just because she persistently follows the clues she finds. Her own history gives her the empathy that victims of crime need to see.

Since I lived in the Sacramento area for many years, I love revisiting the scenes Sawyer shows us as she searches for answers.

Children who are abused and/or kidnapped are a topic I love to read about, especially if there is the possibility of a good resolution to the crimes.

I am eager to revisit the characters in future books, and thoroughly enjoyed this one. 4.5 stars.


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