Yesterday I discovered that my PicMonkey Photo Editor had gone “new,” just as so many things have done lately! Are you listening, WordPress?

After a few clicks, I discovered that I could revert to the Old PicMonkey, but I didn’t want to take any chances, so I went a little crazy making new blog headers while I still could! Like the one you see above, for this site.

I also changed my theme.

Over at Potpourri, I created this header:

And I tripped on over to An Interior Journey to tweak the header there.

Of course, making all these changes did require lots of time working with the Block Editor (sigh), but I have figured out a few tweaks there, too. Knock wood!


What do you do when you find that the whole familiar universe is changing?  We all have had a lot of practice with that this year!  Have a great week!



    • Ha, yes, “stuck into the Block Editor” is an apt description, Sarah. I wouldn’t have willingly gone that way. But..I am starting to figure a few things out.

      I do love playing around with headers, and because my photo editor made some changes, too, I had to find the “old method” in order to create what I enjoy. I can’t count on anything sticking around!

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      • Which is a really good instinct – I get so fed up when the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater in so many ‘upgrades’ so that you look back – and realise that a lot of really cool gismos are gone, or now you have to pay for them…

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