Here I am on a Hump Day, the one that comes one week before Christmas, and I am avoiding the TV networks with the hearings, and even procrastinating with my reading…just so I can fiddle away at my blogs. (The TV is on, however, muted, with closed captions, so I glance up now and then, assessing how things are going).

I’ve re-posted something from a year ago on my An Interior Journey site...and now, here I am at this site, changing my header (and my background)…again.

I have some favorite images from my previous residence, and feeling nostalgic for that space, I have used a couple of them in today’s header changes:  on the left, I have captured a photo of a favorite doll, mug, and some books; and on the right, you can see my once-loved bookshelf, with my wicker bench at its foot, below an image of more books and favorite Disney characters.

The bench came with me here; I’ve shared a few of those images from my new space, with the bench at the foot of my bed, below.


Shall we move on to other obsessions?  I think I will go back to the book I started yesterday: Tell Me Everything, by Amy Hatvany.

A juicy and insightful look into the shifting definition of modern marriage and the limits placed upon female sexuality, TELL ME EVERYTHING will make you question everything you thought you knew about what constitutes marital bliss, and keep you turning pages into the night.


What is keeping you engaged on this winter day?  Are you shopping, reading, or following some obsessive path like me?  Come on by and share…


4 thoughts on “OBSESSIONS ON A HUMP DAY…

  1. Love that wicker bench. Well as you know its summer here although we’ve just had some rainy days. Today though was for getting the washing dry. I’ve read, quilted, done housework, shopped a little and generally enjoyed my day.

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  2. I love the bench! We’ve been living in a hotel for the last month while my husband has been out of state for work and it has really brought home what is important to me house-wise. It’s not at all what I would have thought and it’s been nice to have quite so much space to have to worry about. Tell Me Everything looks really good!

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    • Thanks, Katherine, I love that the wicker bench has been so versatile…I’ve moved it around from place to place, and it rests comfortably by bookshelves, windows, or even at the foot of my bed.

      My daughter thought it would be too much for my smaller space, but I knew it would work well at the foot of my bed, separating the sleeping and “sitting” areas.

      Tell Me Everything is a different kind of read for this author, but I’m enjoying it.


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