When I look at some of my trinkets and collectibles, like those above, I am reminded of all kinds of journeys, like the one in The Wizard of Oz.

I found this post from a year ago, and started thinking about all of the journeys along life’s roads.  This post is from December 21, 2018:


I feel as though I have wandered down my own Yellow Brick Road in my journey to books and blogging.  It has been more than ten years since I created my first blog, and since then, there have been a few attempts to go above and beyond, with as many as twenty blogs at one point.  Happily, I now have six.  If you enjoy rambling tales, you could check out My Blogging Journey, over at my Potpourri blog.

I just reread it all, and I sighed a little at the ups and downs.  I was very happy to add this particular blog (in 2009), where I track my purchases, my review books, and my reading.  Seriously, I am finding many uses for that information.

Here is a stack of my TBR when I created this blog.  I moved into this downsized space with boxes of these books, and I refused to include them with the books I’d read, on those shelves.  Since then, I have also donated a few hundred of the books I had already read and reviewed. 

While I have whittled down most of those stacks, I have added a few more.  But they are primarily hiding out on Paige, my Kindle.  Sneaky, right?

I have also utilized the Goodreads site to keep track, as I eventually updated my pages here to include books from 2014 forward.

So…to sum up this particular Bookworm’s Journey, I use blogs to help me with my reading, writing, etc.   With the holidays around the corner, I still look forward to those gift cards that allow me to add more books to my shelves.


What a difference a year makes!  Most of you know I have had a journey through some health issues this year, and moved into a much smaller space than the one I had for the past twelve years.  Into this small space, I brought only a few print books, but I have already started filling up those shelves.  My hardcover books that arrive regularly from Amazon are like the beginning of another journey.  Here are the few I’m waiting to read:


What does your journey look like?



  1. What a wonderful post, Laurel.

    It is difficult to give loved books away, but we have to at times. I actually gave a hundred or more to the hospital’s library and to friends.

    My journey began in 2010 – two years before I retired, and I have loved every step of my journey.

    I have met wonderful readers/bloggers and have made many new friends both online and in person. I didn’t know I was going to retire two years later, but what a treat it was to have something in place to help ease into retirement and to enjoy more fully since I had more time.

    It is always nice to look back. When I look back at my posts when I first began blogging and look now, I see that I have definitely matured with my review composing, in what I post and read, and with managing time. Blogging is my “hobby,” and I thoroughly enjoy it.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. A blog and especially your blog has certainly shown you your footsteps along the way. In one way it was very hard to lose such a good space and so many books, but in another way a way to make space for new books. I began my book blogging in 2013 two years before I retired and it has been a good way to keep track of what I read although I do find Goodreads my best method. And I love that Amazon tells me it is already sneakily hiding on my Kindle! Blogging really though has made me aware of so many books I could read from other bloggers and that is the best part.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I have loved the footsteps along the way, too, and not only to see what I’ve read, but to discover new books to add to my shelves.

      I also like that, despite having to lighten my shelves, I can still begin again with more new books!

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