On a Sunday morning, I love visiting blogs, and sometimes I revisit my own.  After changing the look and even the themes of mine this week, I found myself searching through the archives.

Here’s something I found from almost ten years ago:  October 22, 2009.  I was feeling nostalgic, especially since I had recently moved from the place I was describing in the long-ago post.


This is the place where I hang out most of the time.  In this room, my computer reigns.

And nearby, a comfy sofa that even makes into a bed has pride of place.  I could LIVE in this room!

Of course, I do move around to other rooms, but in this one, you can expect the most from me.  This is where I will document my progress in this journey—a journey that I prefer to call a “creative” one.

“Curl up and Read” is my mantra.  It is the only way that I will make it through the huge stacks that dominate my bedroom, this room, and even my living room.

It is a delightful journey and my anticipation level is high.  Whenever I decide to do something, I’m learning that I have a higher success rate if I talk about it and/or blog about it.

Hence the creation of still another blog.


At that time in my life, I had recently begun the blogging experiment.  April 2008 was my first blog, on the Blogger platform.  By 2009, I had discovered WordPress and launched into that adventure.

What has your blogging experience brought you over the years?



  1. The blogs for you have been like a journal that you can read back and note what was happening in your life. Blogging has brought me lots of pleasure too, starting it off when I was teaching with a classroom of students, they all had blogs and I had a class blog and a teacher blog! It broadened me out to the world.

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