On a Sunday morning, I love visiting blogs, and sometimes I revisit my own.  After changing the look and even the themes of mine this week, I found myself searching through the archives.

Here’s something I found from almost ten years ago:  October 22, 2009.  I was feeling nostalgic, especially since I had recently moved from the place I was describing in the long-ago post.


This is the place where I hang out most of the time.  In this room, my computer reigns.

And nearby, a comfy sofa that even makes into a bed has pride of place.  I could LIVE in this room!

Of course, I do move around to other rooms, but in this one, you can expect the most from me.  This is where I will document my progress in this journey—a journey that I prefer to call a “creative” one.

“Curl up and Read” is my mantra.  It is the only way that I will make it through the huge stacks that dominate my bedroom, this room, and even my living room.

It is a delightful journey and my anticipation level is high.  Whenever I decide to do something, I’m learning that I have a higher success rate if I talk about it and/or blog about it.

Hence the creation of still another blog.


At that time in my life, I had recently begun the blogging experiment.  April 2008 was my first blog, on the Blogger platform.  By 2009, I had discovered WordPress and launched into that adventure.

What has your blogging experience brought you over the years?



  1. I’ve tried and failed regular blogging over the last few years. However, the last few months have been the most enjoyable for me. Here’s to many more blog posts for the both of us!

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  2. The blogs for you have been like a journal that you can read back and note what was happening in your life. Blogging has brought me lots of pleasure too, starting it off when I was teaching with a classroom of students, they all had blogs and I had a class blog and a teacher blog! It broadened me out to the world.

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