Good morning, and welcome to my epic fail in terms of January purchases…so far.  With only a few days left in the month, what are the chances that I won’t buy more?

Maybe I should give in to my book lust and try to curtail the impulses in February.

But as you study the titles below, can you blame me?  Oh, yes, I could have waited…and spread things out a bit.  But instead of beating up on myself, I could just sink back into my couch…and enjoy.



1.A Simple Favor (e-book), by Darcey Bell

2.Becoming Mrs. Lewis (e-book), by Patti Callahan

3.Best of Us, The (e-book), by Robyn Carr

4.Her One Mistake (e-book), by Heidi Perks

5.Late in the Day (e-book), by Tessa Hadley

6.Liar’s Room, The (e-book), by Simon Lelic

7.Red Address Book, The (e-book), by Sofia Lundberg

8.She Lies in Wait (e-book), by Gytha Lodge

9.Suspect, The (e-book), by Fiona Barton

10.Untouchable (e-book), by Jayne Ann Krentz

11.Wallis in Love, by Andrew Morton

12.Woman Inside, The (e-book), by E. G. Scott


What has your January looked like?  So far I have read and reviewed one of my January books, and I’m reading another one, The Liar’s Room.


4 thoughts on “GIVING IN TO THE BOOK LUST…

  1. Here’s the thing – I reckon all those books you will really enjoy so great buying. I only bought one kindle book this month because I’ve been reading review and library books and its kept me busy but… I do have a list I’ll want to buy as they are published.

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  2. It’s hard to resist buying when you’re a lover of books. Not a bad vice if you can even call it a vice. Sometimes I feel guilty about all the unread books I’ve bought that hide out on my kindle. But. I will never not have a book to read 🙂

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