A little over a week ago, I published a list of favorite books for the year…so far.

Now that December is ending, I am ready to proclaim my favorite December read, to add to my list of favorites this year.

There were several contenders, so it was a difficult pick.  In the end, I chose After Nightfall, by A.J. Banner:  my conclusions in my review settled it for me.  “Marissa’s first person narrative kept me following along with great intensity, anxious for answers, sorting through possible scenarios. Even when I thought I finally had them, I suspected that there might be more to the story. I was riveted to the pages, rubbing my eyes with fatigue when I couldn’t stop reading, and in the end, I still wanted more. 5 stars.”


This year was one with lots of wonderful books.  I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

Did you have a great reading year?  Have you settled on some favorites?


14 thoughts on “FAVORITE 2018 BOOKS: LET’S CURL UP AND READ…

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