As we reach the end of the month, with more than half the year over, it might be time to look back at my purchases for the year…and evaluate my progress.

I did cut down on spending in some of the months, and I’ve read and reviewed quite a few books from my purchases.  But…overall, here’s how it looks, by month.  To see the overview, click on Books Purchased – 2018.  The books read are linked to the reviews.


Books Purchased:                 Books Read & Reviewed:

January:  14                               10

February:  13                             8

March:  9                                      6

April:     6                                       5

May:      7                                       3

June:     9                                       2

July:      10                                    1

Books Purchased in 2018:           68

Books Read & Reviewed from these Purchases:  35


I’ve read books from other years as well, and a few review books along the way.  So my reading totals are not as light as these numbers reveal.  My total books read for the year so far:

88 books, counting the ones I’ve read so far in July.


Do you keep track of your purchases?  Do you enjoy taking a look at your progress?  How is your year shaping up so far?






  1. I do like the idea of keeping track of the books I buy and I did for the last couple of years! But not this year. I am really cutting down on review books though so that is going to give me an opening to get some of my own books read.

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  2. No, I’m too scared to keep track of all the books I use my husband’s money to purchase. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Although….I seldom use actual cash to buy books, usually points accumulated from our credit card or gift cards. And I snagged three great reads (they are in like-new condition) from our local used bookstore for a total of $1.60!! I can’t justify spending a lot of money on books because I have way too many in my home library that haven’t been read yet. My pragmatic self talking. 😉
    You’re a reading machine!! 😊

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