Halfway through May, I am amazed at the books I am reading.  I usually read thrillers, but last month, I mixed things up a bit.  I’m loving the variety!

I also started borrowing books from the library, which cut down on my “click to buy” activity.

Here is what my book “purchases” pages looked like in April and May (so far):

APRIL 2018:

1.Before I Let You Go (e-book), by Kelly Rimmer

2.Book Club, The (e-book), by Mary Alice Monroe

3.Female Persuasion, The (e-book), by Meg Wolitzer

4.New Neighbors, The (e-book), by Simon Lelic

5.Tangerine (e-book), by Christine Mangan

6.True Stories from an Unreliable Eyewitness:  A Feminist Coming of Age (e-book), by Christine Lahti


MAY 2018:

1.My Ex-Life (e-book), by Stephen McCauley

2.Perfect Mother, The (e-book), by Aimee Molloy

3.Smell of Other People’s Houses, The (e-book), by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock


In previous months, I purchased 14 books in January; 13 books in February; and 9 books in March.  My dip in purchases has a lot to do with my library borrowing.  I also relied some on review ARCs:

I received 8 review books in April and 3 in May so far.


At my other blogs: I am sharing bookish and not so bookish thoughts at my An Interior Journey site.  Today I wrote my post for tomorrow…and saved the draft.  Now I won’t have to struggle to come up with my activities for the week when it is time to post it.

Sometimes Wednesday nights find me scratching my head, wondering what, if anything, I had done that I could turn into a post! 

I’ve done this before:  written a post and saved the draft, so I’m ready to go when the post is due.  I don’t schedule my posts, though, as I don’t really trust the system (LOL), plus I might want to add something on the actual day of the post.


What books are you curling up with this week?  Are you struggling with the acquisition of your reading material?


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