With the year nearing its end, it’s time for another look at my book buying/reading stats.

I am regularly updating readers to my Read the Books You Buy Challenge, and so far, I have read 102 books toward the challenge goals.

What might not be evident from that number:  books I have counted for this challenge come from these sources:

Books Purchased Between July – December 2016

Books Purchased Between January 2017-December 2017

Let’s look at those sources more closely.

Between July-December 2016, I purchased 72 books, and from that number, I’ve read 61.

Between January-November (so far) 2017, I’ve purchased 139, and read 86.


Those figures don’t add up, you may say!  But…here’s the clincher.  The ones that count for the 2017 Challenge must have been read in 2017.  And some of the books bought in 2016 were read last year.

It puzzled me when I first looked at the numbers…but now I’m clear on it.


How I Track My Purchases and My Books Read:

When I purchase a book, I enter it onto the appropriate page on this blog:  Month, Year.

When I read a book, I link it to my review on the Books Purchased page and also on my Books Read page, month and year.

Review books have separate pages.


Before the year’s end, I don’t expect to have read ALL the books I bought this year, or even in 2016.  But I’m closer to that goal than I was on January 1.

How are you faring with your TBR stacks?  What methods work for you?



    • Thanks, Stormi, and when I first realized we could create separate pages on our blogs, I knew I had to find a way to track my TBR. When I started this blog, I had 166 unread print books.

      Now I still have a lot of unread books, but the ones I have read are coming closer to the numbers of books I have purchased!


  1. I am not doing well. I keep track on LibraryThing where I have collections by year. I still have some books lingering from 2008 when I began using LibraryThing. Review books get top priority in my reading, then new books by favorite authors, then I choose books by TBR mountain that grab my attention. If I still need something to read, I take a look at the older collections on LibraryThing but that doesn’t happen often. I don’t think I’ll ever really get my TBR pile under 1000 (right now it is hovering just over 2000) unless I do a book purge.

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    • I’ve never really paid attention to Library Thing…or even Goodreads, although I post reviews there. The thing that works for me is adding and subtracting from my pages on one of my blogs.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathy, and good luck with that TBR Mountain!


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